Birdie General Thread: The Banana Bogey Brawler



People still churn? lol


How you can succeed at guarding anything while churning is beyond me.


I thought we were talking about making things easier for beginners…


Easier, not durpier. lol


Ugh… I can’t. I just can’t.

I can get over the slob look and the dumb garbage toss V-Skill but… no Murderer Chain…


I praise Capcom for giving new life to an old character, even if he’s gotten a bit…heavier around the sides. He was a cool character in Alpha 3 to use. His V-trigger looks so unique out of the rest of the cast, and he has become the first character in SF history to do long range attacks mixed in with dangerous close-quarter grappler (if I recall). So he’s more of a big deal than people are giving him credit for. I’m going to enjoy play him at E3 this week with Charlie and Bison.


Having fun thinking of setups and uses for his can and banana peel. Man they could be so awesome if ~3 things I’m hoping are true.

  1. Can roll recovers decently quickly
  2. He can’t slip on his own banana peel (dear god that would suck if he does).
  3. Chain throws are actual command throws not strikes.

Using cans to chase down back roll techs and setting up banana peels to make his own techs safe from chase down. Mid to long range tic can into throw, poke or headbutt. Setting up throws where they land in the corner with the banana peel in front of them making them have to jump to get out.


It’s great that he is normal looking- fat. Not Rufus play dough, dancing belly fat. Not Honda huge belly painted with six-packs fat. But just, simple, fat. Capcom really is going for the more realistic way. Loving it.


Honda is a bit weird. I mean some Sumos are big and still maintain fairly defined stomach muscles but it’s not the norm, and not to the extent of honda. Almost never on a sumo that is as big around as Honda either.

I like how they’ve done Birdie, I mean I’d prefer him NOT to be fat, but the way they did it seems to work decently. Plus he still got ripped a fuck arms.


Yes. I really like his look. Only thing missing was his second ring in his hair.
I look forward to destroying people in the β.


Really happy about Birdie. He looks super fun and Capcom made an interesting V-Skill for him THANK THE HEAVENS, AND IT FITS HIS CHARACTER! Cammy however…meh. Not particularly interested in her, looks bland as usual.

I might have to pick up Birdie though. I suck at doing 360 motions on a stick still I’ve never invested time into a character with a 360 motion so oh well, but now it’s a HCB I’lll have an easier time playing him without having to learn that awkward motion. Casual catering.or a the right direction? It’s only a motion so I’m with the latter a little more.

So far it’s a toss-up between Birdie and Chun-Li for me. Rooting for a Cody reveal next.


The only reason we probably still have half circles is that the devs aren’t too sure about making command throws quarter circles.

As for dealing with cross ups, with hard knockdowns only coming from supers, you’ll probably have to deal with them less anyway.


So according to the information UltraDavid gives here:

Birdie has very few combos but they hit hard.
It would be great to know what “few” refers to. Is it unoiled Hakan “few” or Blanka “few”?


I was wondering why they hadn’t gone quarter circles for the command myself. Makes a little more sense.


I wonder how long the banana peel stay on the ground ? Surely to be a big game changer once it is out…
First true trap style move in a Street Fighter game ?
He better not be able to slip on it himself … otherwise that would suck for Birdie players …
Also shocked he gained weight … shouldn’t have underestimated Capcom … lol …
Now I’m afriad of requesting other forgotten characters , if they’re going to be drastically changed this drastically …






Who fucking cares.

I’m more interested in his current moveset simply because he has what amounts to Scorpion’s spear now.


New footage @ 9:15 mark


What I like: Alpha getting some love not only with character selections, but also with system mechanics.
What I don’t like: Birdie looking EXACTLY like Rufus now. I bet they used Rufus’ SFIV model for Birdie. His Alpha design was pretty original as is, why change it so much? I hope he at least gets a decent story this time around.


Go to heaven.