Birdie General Thread: The Banana Bogey Brawler



I was wondering why they hadn’t gone quarter circles for the command myself. Makes a little more sense.


I wonder how long the banana peel stay on the ground ? Surely to be a big game changer once it is out…
First true trap style move in a Street Fighter game ?
He better not be able to slip on it himself … otherwise that would suck for Birdie players …
Also shocked he gained weight … shouldn’t have underestimated Capcom … lol …
Now I’m afriad of requesting other forgotten characters , if they’re going to be drastically changed this drastically …






Who fucking cares.

I’m more interested in his current moveset simply because he has what amounts to Scorpion’s spear now.


New footage @ 9:15 mark


What I like: Alpha getting some love not only with character selections, but also with system mechanics.
What I don’t like: Birdie looking EXACTLY like Rufus now. I bet they used Rufus’ SFIV model for Birdie. His Alpha design was pretty original as is, why change it so much? I hope he at least gets a decent story this time around.


Go to heaven.


Well, that dispels my first fear – that his normals would be pure trash – very effectively.


Liking his play style, the look ehhhh I’ll get used to it.


I won’t lie … what happens to his opponent if his super is the finishing hit and pulling a giant donut out of nowhere for his victory screen made me laugh …


He looks nothing like rufus, rufus just looked like a beach ball with arms and legs didn’t even look human.
Birdie looks exactly like what he is a fat man, i hated birdie in alpha and if he was the same in sf5 as he was in alpha i wouldn’t have even bother touch him, but now i actually want to give birdie a whirl.
good job capcom, hopefully the rest get the same treatment, where i was a bit disappointed with ryu chun li (not so much chun li because she looks really interesting to use) and cammy, you got new bison new nash and new birdie, i can’t really complain


They made Birdie into a British Homer Simpson D:


I dont really get the dislike for birdie, and I agree with you. I posted above that I think his new design adds to his character. A big hulking thug that is more concerned with just being massive rather than having a ripped 8 pack. The comparisons to rufus are just stupid and uneducated. He looks nothing like rufus at. Fact.


I think most of the Birdie haters are just butthurt character loyalists throwing their spaghetti bowls on the ground over him getting in first. Its obvious this is gonna be a DLC style game where plenty of characters will be coming for a long time.


Hmm… I didn’t like Birdie before but I’m starting to like him now.

I think I might give him a try. Besides, he’s the only grappler we’ve seen in the game so far and there’s no indication that any of my previous mains might return (Zangief/Hugo).


I like how they gave him an item toss manuever in his V-Skill. This is usually something you see in mostly zoning characters (e.g. Faust) or the occasional rushdown characters (e.g. Lei-Lei), but I don’t ever recall seeing it with a grappler character. Also, while he doesn’t have the same variety of items as Faust, Lei-Lei, or Teddie, he can control which on comes out. I can imagine both the banana peel and the can can be used to set up some interesting traps, especially with the new “get over here”-like chain special.


Nash, Birdie and Bison are by far the best work capcom has done reimagining old characters. Ryu and Chun i can somewhat understand. But Cammy has no excuse for still looking sf2.

Birdie looks like he will have alot cheap shit to troll noob to intermed players. Looking forward to the rage messages.


I said they’d add Birdie. Haha new main incoming!


I’m wondering if the drink can (low hitting projectile) is slow enough ( and if he recovers fast enough) to create high/low unblockable …lol … wonder if the drink can travels like Taokaka’s bowling ball or Teddie’s Barrel ?

Just like the banana peel, the drink can feels like a new kind of projectile for a Street Fighter game. ( First projectile that actually hits low ?)


Just saw fuudo use it for meaty pressure. But he doesn’t’ recover fast enough to do much after that i think.