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LK/MK scissor vs his forward shoulder (1 armor move) gives combo to


Guys, how do you deal this char ?
Great anti air, better footsies imo, huge damage and a hell of command grabs. My match is 0 10 so far.

Shall we be offensive or defensive ?


Some info I’ve gathered on this match up.

J.LK works as an instant overhead on Birdie.

Birdie has no 3 frame normals. He can’t contest the follow up to Pyscho Axe as a result.

Bull Slider (DF+HP) aka the Dolphin Dive is not punishable on block even though its -5. Due to push back Bison’s light moves will whiff. C.MP xx L/M.Blast for chip is also a no go, Blast will whiff.
Cancelling C.MP into LK Press will not have safe spacing and while MK Knee Press is safe your giving him back frame advantage. Best bet is to use S.HK to push you forward and get a +3 frame advantage on block and pressure from there. You will crush counter all his normal’s if he’s unwise enough to press a button.

Bull Charger (F+HP) while Bull Slider is a pain to deal with for Bison Bull Charger is less of a problem for Bison than most characters. Knee Press’s double hit takes care of the armor on this move and as exploid said above you will get a combo off LK/MK Knee Press as the second hit of Knee Press will hit as a counter hit.

Normal’s wise Birdie got some good shit. He mainly has range over speed.
C.LP 5 frames with decent range for a light.
S.LP 5 frames and again decent range but C.LP is probably better for Birdie
S.MP 7 frames and almost certainly will have a buffered Bull Head behind it! Out ranged by Bison’s S.MK
C.MK has decent range but has a 10 frame start up and it -4 on block.
S.MK 8 frame start up and decent range -2 on block. A frame slower than S.MK from Bison.
S.HK good range but has a 12 frame start up, 0 on block.

C.HK 10 frame start up on is -11 on block.
S.HP has the most range when it comes to punishing it. Cancel into Knee Press or Inferno.

Birdie’s not half bad in the footsies department but I think Bison beats him in neutral.

Birdie is not to difficult to anti air. J.MK will beat Bison’s S.HK, it also tends to trade with Bison’s C.HP but never stuffs it.
His J.MP is an amazing cross up jump. His animation makes it difficult to judge if he’s crossing you up or not.

C.MP is amazing anti air for Birdie, can stuff cross ups that are miles behind too. Birdie will have more success jumping at Bison than the other way round and will coincidentally get over Bison’s pokes but its not something Birdie can consistently rely on.

Off his normal throws, unless Birdie gets you in the corner he won’t get a meaty set up. This normal throw range matches Bison, they both have the best normal throw range in the game.

Hanging Chain.
Blocked from mid screen you can punish with MK or EX.Knee Press, slightly closer and you can punish with HK Knee Press. Don’t bother with Critical Art Cancels as they will whiff.
Block within 25% of the screen and punish with Pyscho Axe. From max range and even slightly further back you can V-Skill the chain and punish with a fireball.

Bull Head LP/MP/EX are -10 on block while HP is -5.
Will be buffered a lot from S.MP. Watch as Birdie players utterly rinse the S.MP buffered Bull Head once they get critical art stocked. Birdie’s also tend to throw this out raw and cancel into his V-Trigger which leaves him slightly negative and just outside of throw range. Birdies can be cheesy and throw out an VT.EX.Bull Head to blow up your next poke as Bull Head gains armor. Throw will counter this.
V-Trigger Bull Head damage is pretty derp and the armor on these moves in VT is a real game changer for Birdie as pokes become very risky against him but play too timid and you may end eating command grabs. Frame data changes on the punishes. LP/MP/HP are all -9 while EX is -7.

VT.EX Bull Head is quite tricky to punish. C.MP XX.MK/EX Knee Press is your best punish outside of V-Trigger combos. Critical Art cancels from Knee Press will whiff and Inferno will also whiff if cancelled from C.MP.

Killing Head is command grab doesn’t have massive range unlike other command grabs. The EX.Version has the most and has throw invincibility. Doesn’t lead to meaty pressure outside of the corner.

EX.Bull Horn along with its VT version and VT EX.Bull Head have armor from frame 1, so don’t expect meaties to beat them like you would beat Zangief’s and Mika’s armored moves that don’t get armor until frame 3.
Ex.Bull Horn having armor from frame 1 can be used to blow throw pokes at close range. However if the Birdie player guesses he wrong and you block he may cancel into V-Trigger, but if he does this he’s at -9. Punish him as hard as you can.

Bull Revenger is a gimmick, one that will make you very salty.

His V-Skill’s are a pain in the butt. I normally chill and ignore the Banana and it let it disappear on its own. Can is more problematic. I normally actually like to move towards it and try to block it early before Birdie is prepared to start his follow up pressure. Other options are try to get around it with Devils Reverse or Head Press and neutral jump. Bull Revenge may come behind this move but you must resist the temptation to neutral jump punish it as you will trip on the can and get punished. Jump away in either direction. If you have V-Trigger popped you can probably just HK Knee Press through it.

If Birdie is predictable with V-Skill usage and they can get overconfident when your far away, punish them with EX. Head Press.


You can throw Birdie out of his EX Bullhead (both normal and V-Trigger versions) - exactly like Balrog’s dash punch in SF4.


Just played against a good Birdie for the first time in a while and decided to get in the lab. I think Bison beats Birdie in footsies also. Here’s some of the stuff I noticed, pardon the numpad notation you should be using it anyway.

6HP- if point blank, 2MP punish is fine, slightly spaced 5LK xx Scissors, max distance is safe. Don’t try to reflect this, you’ll get crush countered more often than not.

Bull Head - LP even if spaced well can be punished with 5LK xx Scissors. HP version is the same. The one you want to look for is the MP version. Lots of Birdies will buffer 5MP xx MP Head and should you block that it can always be punished with 2MP which is actually really rare for this matchup. Most Birdies won’t throw this move out in neutral, but if they do and your reactions are tight you can reflect it. EX Head can only be punished with 5MK, but the VT version can be punished with 2MP if you do the Graham Wolfe tech (block low, then high).

3HP - the slide is not really punishable but do try to challenge it afterward since it’s still -5. This leads to counterhits against Birdies who think you don’t know the matchup.

5MK - from a very long, safe distance away Bison can whiff punish this with his own 5MK. You can try to reflect it against Birdies who just like to throw this out without much risk.

Jumping - don’t let Birdie jump at you, this is the only time he can really steamroll you. Any long jump ins lose to 2HP clean. If he goes for the shallow jMP crossup, you have to choose between air-to-air Hell Attack or jump back LP or HP. If he goes for the crossup setup after LK Chain (the one that drops you close to him) or command grab, just hold up back.

LK/MK Chain - reflect it. It’s super easy to react to and if he goes for the HK version you’re safe. If you block this point blank you can get a jump-in combo, it’s so unsafe.

Bison’s jump MK can sometimes stuff Birdie’s 2MP (anti-air head) if you do it a little early, though this won’t result in a combo. Side note: since Birdie is really tall, if you hit with j.MK cross up at the earliest point, 5MP doesn’t always connect right away. Either practice the timing or do a combo with lights into Psycho Blast.

V-skill - Birdie shouldn’t use these much from full-screen cause you can slide on reaction to their startup resulting in a crush counter.

I’ve been trying for like 5 minutes to reflect the damn booger but I don’t think it’s possible… 1-9 matchup