Birdie match ups s2

I have matchup videos in on my channel that created, I have not made videos for all of the match ups yet but I will once I get more tech for the match ups I don’t have tech or an explanation for. I give a detailed explanation on why the outcome of the matchup is the way it is so watch the videos if you want to get better. Here is one of the matchup videos as a taste of one of my matchup videos. I you have not seen my birdie tech videos you can check that out on my channel as well.

You should do a balrog one. Lots of fraudulent balrogs online lately riding on his fast dash punches being hard to block online and easy access to big damage with v trigger. Also maybe a seperate video on how to fight your way out of the corner when cornered. I get wrecked when put into the corner against characters with better upclose normals then birdie, they just maul him(balrog, karin, ken, cammy, urien etc.)

I have made a matchup of what to do against karin in season 1. The only think you have to forget about is ex bull horn when she is doing the orochi frame trap after cr.hp. Since the ex bull horn in season 2 is not one frame startup anymore.

I recently subscribed to your channel due to the Birdie info. Keep up the great work man its much appreciated.

Rell Shyt

Thank you

@Jacob_Quenepa are you tackling the cammy matchup?

Cammy has become my most hated opponent in season 2. It’s like fighting the flash. No idea when her pressure is finally over and it’s my turn.

After she uses a normal that’s -