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where do fit the big donut on birdie

This has been asked before, but I’m just curious as to what button(s) you all use for Bull Horn, along with it’s EX version?

I personally use lk for Bull horn. It’s the button I use the least. For EX I use lk and hk.

I agree, but I think I am going to stop. Watching other folks use Lk it as a combo starter shows how I limited my game previously.

I’ve also noticed hagejin sweeps when he is charging EX bull horn so I don’t think he is holding HK.

Yeah, LK and HP seem to be the most popular buttons for it. Do people usually just have a button held down near constantly, or try to anticipate when they’re about to need it and hold it then? The former seems like you’d be limiting yourself but the latter could provide plenty of missed opportunities.

Can this move be achieved by using the 3p or 3k macro button? I’ve never used those but considering using them now. Still stubborn from the arcade mentality lol.

i think it depends on how useful st.hp or is as a poke. if its no good then hold it down, the other buttons are all too useful to constantly be holding.

what matchups do you find headbutt that useful? ryu ken chun, who else?

Ryu, ken and Chun can actually all punish ex headbutt with a low forward iirc.
Light and Medium headbutt is punishable by almost anything since it’s -10 on block and hardly gives and pushback.
Heavy headbutt in non-VT is the only one that’s semi safe, since it’s -5 on block.

With that said, I don’t find raw headbutt particularly useful in any matchup besides Dhalsim (to punish yoga fire) and Necalli (has trouble punish ex headbutt)

Sorry i meant bullhorn, i havent got a grip on all the sfv move names yet.

As you know vs ryu ken chun you can negate fireball poking game by blowing through fireballs and hitting for big damage with the regular bullhorn. But in what other matchups does the bullhorn come into play?

Vs sim i find they dont yoga fire close enough to reach them with a non ex headbutt because yoga fire startup is too slow to use it as a midrange poke. qcf+ pp blows up distanced yoga fires.

Vs rashid bullhorn isnt useful vs his fireball either.

Vs sim bullhorn is actually quite solid if they want to use the levitate a lot, as the large arcing upward hitbox eats up all the airspace sim wants to be in.

That said though, move is very situational, I personally barely use it. Birdie’s on demand options for most things are pretty great as it stands so a TAP style move having to be planned out ahead isn’t as favourable to me.

Sim seems like an interesting matchup.

Far f.hp seems pretty safe and chews up sims pokes. On hit you have frame adv to follow up with spd or normals. On cc it floats the opponent. Not sure of the optimal followup to that.

Reversal teleports can be tagged on reaction with st.hp or ex headbutt etc.

Naked crossup teleports are easily aa’d putting aim in a bad position. So theyre covered with either a normal fireball or ex fireball.

If sim fireballs within fierce headbutt range you can ex headbutt and catch him if youre looking for it. You can also dash forward to negate its teleport covering use. Normally it will be used after a knockdown however so you have to block the teleport mixup. Ex fireball from neutral is more problematic. Maybe sliding it is a good option to avoid the mixup.

Am interested to know if sim is positive neutral or negative after max range slides.

If the data stays the same, after blocking a max range slide, dhalsim is -1/+3/-9 on LK/MK/HK slide.

EDIT: according to dantarion’s active frames

Ahh thanks.

I know mp mk is supposed to be a parry but birdie just eats a donut and takes the hit doesnt parry am i missing something or he doesnt have a parry? Like for eating hadoukens

He does not have a parry. V-skill just builds v meter.

Yeah i learned that today. Did some research. Ryu and gief have one but i didnt know the triggers were unique to each character etc so ima just have to figure out a different strategy for that. Like jumping over baiting hadouken,chain them close gap etc since you can grab them while the projectiles shooting itll pass through you as you grab so im doing that a long with regular cross ups. Ty tho i know now he can throw a banana and roll an energy drink

What is the main use of bullhead?

The main use of bullhead? It’s like his his main attack via bnb ender and cancels into super/vtrigger?

Do you mean bullhorn? Hold attack? It’s a solid anti air, whiff punishes normal’s, and goes through fireballs.