Birdie Q&A Thread: Ask All Your Questions Here

Yea I mean bullhead. I was wondering if it had any use outside of being a ender?Birdie Q&A Thread: Ask All Your Questions Here

What’s birdie best air to air?

I see so little use for jumping lk, lp and hp. Why are they there?

I like j.MP for air-to-air because it has 6 active frames, so you’re likely to stuff your opponent’s attack. The angle on j.LK makes it great for air-to-air purposes as well, especially while rising. j.LP has deceptively long horizontal range and low hit/blockstun, making it ideal for ticking into command grab. I mostly use j.HP in dizzy combos for extra damage, don’t use it for much else, maybe someone else can chime in with uses for j.HP.

What are birdies footie tools?
Also how do you guys use youre lk,mk chains?

I sometimes use HP bullhead to get in. Though only use it at max range so it can be safe-ish. It’s -5 on block.

Main pokes

Counter pokes
Cr.LP,, f.hp

S.HK I mainly use as a meaty.

@Hertog & @“Tofu Warrior”

jHP (7f startup, 5f active frames) is best used as an Air to air, as a max range jumpin or as a neutral jump to control space (where only the hitboxes extend out of the hurtbox, so max range).
If used from far, you can cover its weakness of having hurtboxes on his legs and under his arms, so only the hitboxes that extend out of the hurtbox matter. I use it a lot when playing lame and neutral jumping to fish for a sMP xx headbutt xx super hitconfirm.

jLP (4f startup, 5f active frames) Starts up the fastest and might just be his best jump attack. This angle and hitbox can stuff/trade some anti airs, Vega has no answer to it for example. It’s also effective just throwing it out as a neutral jump to control space. Sadly the only flaw is that it can lose to some air to airs if you use it while rising and it also doesn’t cause too much hitstun, meaning u can’t combo out of it effectively. It’s just a handy tool when u need to come in with a jump while beating some anti airs or to annoy your opponent.

jMP (7f startup, 6f active frames) is just great. It isn’t the best but isn’t the worst either, it has decent active frames and consistent hitboxes / hurtboxes. works well as a surprise air to air if the opponent is close or jumping over you.

jHK (9f startup, 5f active) is slower and hits the fartest (slightly farther than jHP and jLP) but is easier to anti air, depending on the opponent.
Imo it works slightly better as an air to air thanks to the hitboxes and additional distance it has over jMP and jLK, even though it starts slower and has less active frames.

jMK (7f startup, 4f active) This jump attack hits the deepest out of all his jump attacks. It’s best used when you need to jump in or punish something without relying too much on its hitboxes. For example, if you need to punish a whiffed throw, a command throw with a fast recovery, or a projectile, then this is the normal to use.

Thanks for the breakdown, the hitboxes in particular helped me visualize how the moves actually function vs. how they look. Nice to know that j.LP is as strong as I thought it was.

Hi Gents. If any of you are both bored and knowledgeable, I’d love some help on a few scrubby questions. These are in no particular order – just things I’ve been wondering about.

  1. What is the best max damage option when I bait out a dp?
  2. What are the properties of Bull Revenger / EX BR? I use it often on quick risers (a la LPN) but I’m curious – does it catch standing AND crouching? Or one and not the other?
  3. Can someone give a basic breakdown of the paper-rock-scissors nature of attack vs. throw vs. command grab? Like, when should I be using Killing Head?
  4. What are some smart options after I successfully anti-air with cr.MP? This happens often in-match but I never feel like I’m capitalizing as they land.
  5. I find myself throwing cans and peels often (and to decent effect); some Birdies I watch do this as well, and some almost entirely refrain. What are your thoughts on can / peel? Gimmicky? Essential?
  6. Can someone theorize (or just ramble a bit) on Bull Charge? A command normal that seems useful but I fear I’m not using it as well as I could.
  7. Why would anyone hold chains? I assume there are plenty of good reasons, just not sure of them at the moment.
  8. Speaking of chains, I use HK after landing c.HP; how are you using LK / MK chains in standard match flow? How does EX chains factor in for you?

Might add some more as they come to me. Thanks for taking the time – I’ve enjoyed the conversation so far.

  1. With all your resources? I think it’s something like s.HK (cc), walk, cr.MPxxEX BullhornxxVT, EX Bullhead.
  2. It’s a grab, with all the ups and downs you’d expect. Folks jumping on wakeup will avoid it and punish you badly, as will reversals, but if they’re inclined to block it’ll snatch them.
  3. As a command throw, KH is best used when the opponent is anticipating buttons. After attacks that are plus on block (cr.LP, s.LP, s.LK), you can choose to blockstring (with a possible hit-confirm if they push buttons), block (if they have a DP and you want to bait it), or throw (if they expect the blockstring and wait it out). Normal throw lets you switch sides, KH doesn’t, and KH’s whiff animation is longer. On wakeup, landing something like a meaty s.HK or 6HK will disincline them from attacking, so you can use KH in this situation too (or EX Revenger, I won’t judge). The threat of meaties and/or KH may lead to panic reversals and big punishes for you.
  4. You’re at advantage during their air reset, so you can do something like s.HK to blow up mashing, walk in KH to dissuade blocking, or block to bait a reversal.
  5. I think it may be too early to say. Play it by ear and don’t eat recklessly if the opponent likes to go in a lot, since they’re easy to react to. I like the pop can the best for the situations it can cause (EX Bull Revenger ayy lmao), but experimentation is key. Donuts are really good because VT is really good, so keep that in mind.
  6. I absolutely love it, but it’s risky. You can use it in anticipation of a fireball to plow through, or as the coolest counterpoke in human history. I’ve thought about trying it as a weird meaty, but I haven’t put any time into it yet.
  7. Sort of the same reason why Ryu can delay VT fireballs–to screw up your timing. Birdie’s isn’t as good, but being able to delay HK chain helps make anti-airing easier to time. Straight-up bait is always on the table, too.
  8. Standard chains are basically to snatch the opponent past their projectile. They’re not as useful when you’re playing lame against someone without them, since you’re less likely to take advantage of their oki (far Hanging Chains have more advantage). I like MK chain a bit more, but only because I haven’t figured out the best way to take advantage of LK chain’s positioning. I only ever find myself using EX chain for more damage after cr.HP or as a pointlessly YOLO whiff-punish.

How do you handle the Vega match-up. Can’t eat anything when he has his v-trigger bar full. Learned that the hard way :slight_smile:
But any tips?

Best cc punish for me without vt is> > st.lp x lp bullhead.

As far as im aware his f.hp is safe on block when done at max range. So its something at add to your poking game. I use it vs characters like sim or karin to blow through their limbs

Holding then cancelling chains is ok for making ur opponent freeze. Dash and spd. I dont use chains often though they may be ok used at max range. I just hate people jumping and full comboing me so i dont usually throw them out.

Vega is one of those matchups where you need to get the life lead early. You let Vega get the early advantage then he’ll just hit and run. A smart Vega won’t wall dive you since completely shuts it down including EX. You can punish a blocked roll attack with killing head. Like SF4, Vega has no reversals so stay on him once your in.

Thanks for the response @IM_Amazon.

Do you guys have go-to Birdie streamers you watch? Or IDs of Birdies whose replays you DL? I was watching Art’s stream tonight and saw a killer Birdie but wasn’t able to make a note of his handle. . .

Most of the streamers I watch play characters I don’t really care about and the Birdies seem few and far between.

Hey guys, I playing around making my own tech. I really like this character for whatever reason lol. This is my first time ever sharing tech too sooooooo fyi I’m not too into the lab coat frame data, I just use it as a guide and play by feel so I have no stats for ya guys.

What I was fooling around with was his c. Mp anti-air and what mix ups to do after since I noticed many times they’ll land right next to birdie. These are my premeditated go tos depending on how I wish to attack for when they land on recovery.

If they’re going to land close:

HK crush counter fishing and into combo
Command grab
Hold the MP and release for the up charge
Tick throw LK into command grab.
Jump over them into cross up
Chain toss AA

For when they are going to land far away in their recovery:

Ex chains hop (to time it right to get it snare at the earliest moment is tricky, too soon and you will wiff)
Dash in command grab
Dash in BnB
Chain toss/ex chain toss
Chain toss AA

Also did you guys consider f.HK as a anti air with reach cause it hits far out. I was playing around with it and kind of like it to use in that area where the opponent feels safe to jump.

I uploaded this little video to show you what I mean. (it’s been a long fucking time since I used srk so I got lazy and just uploaded it on Twitter instead of trying to embed it)
For the video of me using it.

And for shits I stumbled across this funky visual glitch.

None of this is ground breaking stuff but I just wanted to discuss it or if you guys got anything better.

is there a place where i can see all the EX-Move properties Birdies EX-Moves have? if not what does EX do for birdies moves?

It’s been discussed a couple of times, it’s his best anti air from a distance or height where cMP wouldn’t reach.
I usually use it after an opponent jumps over a fullscreen can, against Ken’s Heavy Tatsu, Mika’s dropkick or when they neutral jump.

can the bull slider be used to go under projectiles ?


This character is OP how do you beat him?

Get in his face, congratulations, you won