Birdie s2 tech, and Setups

Im a diamond birdie main. I play sfv a lot so I have experience in the game. I have a youtube channel were i show off birdies latest tech or sometimes other characters tech since I don’t only use birdie. I use most of the cast but like I said I main birdie. I have birdies season 2 tech on my youtube channel so for any birdie players that have been struggling, Im hear to help. I also make matchup videos as well, I haven’t done all of them yet, I have only done the ones that i know very well. If you want to see a video right away click on this link it will take you to the maximum corner combo punish.

I’ve seen most of your videos. Good stuff. Thanks for the contribution!

Birdie has more damaging corner combos actually.

  • (Corner) sHK CC, sMP xx Bullhorn xx VT, cHP xx HP Bullhead or Bullhorn – 400 / 638 – CA is 604
  • (Corner) sHK CC, cHP xx Bullhorn > wait untill last active frame > VT, HP Bullhead – 410 / 635 – CA is 614
  • (corner) sHK CC, walk, sHK, sMP xx MP Bullhead xx VT, MP Bullhead – 431 / 681 – CA is 635

I know about that combo angerus. I have done those combos in a video from season 1.Those are combos for season 2 that I showed in the video. I have some can setups as well from season one that still works if you want to check it out.

These are new s2 combos that weren’t possible in s1 thanks to VT having less total frames.
Also sHK into sMP is a new link. (third combo)

you are very good thanks for sharing those videos. But can I made a suggestion? for not native english speakers is very hard to understand what you are saying because the volume of the game is too loud, can you turn down the volume in your next videos and turn on the volume of your voice when you are editing the video