Birdie Setups after Bull Horn



Hey there. I made some videos about setups after bull horn. Please enjoy.

Grounded bull horn:

cr hp xx bull horn:


Good stuff.


so, this setups work on bullhorn on vtrigger too?

btw good work my friend

EDIT: actually bullhorn is the best combo finisher of all the options… bullhead is terrible for meatys and oki. More birdies should train the dash cc combo. I only see alucard doing the combo on Tournaments

cc hk, dash, cr mp+bullhorn(vtrigger if u have) and go on


@Buiu, bull horn v trigger changes the setup. That video is coming soon.
And you’re right, bull head is terrible for meatys and oki, until the corner. You really want to use bull horn mid screen, its the only way to not let the enemy off the hook.

@ElSandwichMeng Thanks! More coming.


This is good shit, definitely gonna dabble with mixing bullhorn oki into my game.

@fullnelsongrip For the setups in the first video (setups after grounded bullhorn) do the setups work just off a raw bullhorn? As of now I hit with it mostly as an anti fireball tool.


Here’s more setups. Enjoy.


@fizzywoemac The setups will work off raw bull horn like you asked. It will change if its an anti-air bull horn, however, and will be closer to the crouch HP oki.

(I’m fullnelson, I needed to make an account with the same name as my capcom ID.)


What happened? It seems you have terminated your Youtube account?


I was posting it on my personal youtube accont. I moved over to a youtube account with the same name as here and on capcom fight network, westcoastplease.


This is some good shit.