Birdie Video Thread: The Gluttonous Gangsta

Post all your Birdie videos with here!!!

Anything is game, from new tech, general critique or just some good ol plan discussion on a birdie match.

I’ll kick it off with Some LPN birdie play from the Madcatz invitational.

Here’s a replay of mine with banana extended combo and a funny ending. I also like to cancel my banana/cans from c.hp via whiff punish or aa. (re-upped in HD)

Me vs Fang (Floejisan)

Nobody gonna post videos but me? Where the Birdie vids at? :bawling:

I’ve been playing mostly on PC and been 2 lazy to edit any videos… I will def make time to do so in the coming days though. PS4 makes that shit so much easier to get videos straight on the web.

I’ve only fought mediocre players so far and I don’t like to upload matches where it’s only a single game victory.
I’ll try to have some 2/3 sets or more with friends and upload them eventually.

floe v mike ross FT5

Will start posting any birdie vids I find

A running set I had with a friend of mine. I was playing on my brother’s account, my actual cfn is BS_Angeluso.

I know I used way too many sHK after cMP anti air. I should mix it up more with overhead, command throw or a low hitconfirm.

I see you use jumping HP alot for your jump ins, is it better than jump HK?

It depends how you use it, I made a more detailed explanation here: Birdie Q&A Thread: Ask All Your Questions Here

Laura vs Birdie

Thanks for that man, Standing Fierce seems really good in this matchup. I really struggle against Laura, so fuckign annoying once she’s in.

There are a bunch of Itazan Birdie videos on this channel:

Another match with Itazan against Dashio’s Laura:

Momochi vs Itazan:

Just some ranked games

Somebody made a video of the hitboxes. 1080p and you can slow down the speed to 25%

ft20 between crusher and daigo

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Laura vs Birdie


This is a sweet video. I’m pretty much a total noob to fighting games at this point, so this might seem like a dumb question, but I gotta ask anyway…

In my research into Birdie and from the beginner thread on here, it seems the consensus bnb is sLK>sLP xx lp Bullhead, or some slight variation. Is that right? I’ve watched that video and skimmed it another time and it doesn’t seem like you did that once. Seems you rarely used Bullhead sLP or sLK.

Is it matchup dependent? Maybe it just didn’t present itself? What’s the story behind this?

It’d be cool to get your commentary over this fight on video

Here are my last couple days or so of ranked matches. Itd be cool if yall can check them out and give me some pointers to my game play( i dont expect you guys to watch all of it) im not a high level in ranked but i am getting a lil better. I do see i drop alot of combos so i kno i need to practice those more. Thanks guise.