Birdie vs Guile

How do you beat this zoning jerk off? I just played a Japanese Guile that kept throwing out these sonic booms that paused in the beginning at different speeds. Granted I’m high right now, but I couldn’t jump over them reliably because of the varying speeds. What can you do to get past a Guile opponent that does this crap?

V skill can, chain / ex chain from mid range, ex dolphin or forward hp to armor the sonic boom. Full screen guile can be super annoying so youll need to keep it at mid range

I find that throwing the chain at midscreen helps, for one you might catch him throwing a boom, it helps gain a bit of respect. Sometimes throwing a can and walking forward while charging a bull horn to go through projectiles may help catch him jumping towards you. Also as said above, forward HP and dolphin help when used when used sparingly.

Overall I feel this is a crap match, its a match of patience, extreme patience.

This and Nash. I can’t wait til they nerf Nash’s backdash speed. Probably will still be too quick for Birdie tho. Slow azz.