Birds in fighting games discussion thread


throughout da ages there have always been birds since they evolved from dinosaurs. Now today in fightin games you see some birds and even some dinosaurs but this thread is only about da birds

i love birds i like to watch bird not with a binoculars or anythin b/c its expensive but sometimes i like to watch the birds fly around and sometimes… i eevn wish i could fly…

anyway about birds in fightin games im tryin to make a list of birds in fightin games. Nakoruro of the famous Capcom vs SNK 2 series of games has a bird that fight with her and sometime turn into fire and strike the enemey. in trhe famous game Jojo’s Bizare Adventure, the character PETSHOP is bird. TIZoc from the little known series of King Of Fighters is half man and half bird.

**What other bird is there in fighting game? this thread is for birds in figthin game and also for talking about there role in fighting games as far as BIRD STRATEGY and BIRD COMBOS. **if you have an aerial rave that uses a BIRd in it please tell me. I have heard CAptain Commando has a bird aerial rave and if someone could tell me about it that would be sweet


im gettin feedback on the birds, so im makin a list

Neo Geo Battle Collosseum
neo-dio turn into a bird in one of him move.

TEstament fight with a bird
Dizzy everyone tellin me she is a bird but i dont think so (this si the voice of the people so thats why dizzy make the list)
Justice is a bionic robot bird
Eddie turn into a bird int he air

Capcom Fightin Evolution Jam
Hauzer is a dinosaur which is a prehistorc bird

Marvel Vs Capcom Series
Jill has some birds
Megaman transform into birds
Captain america has an Eagle
US Agent has an eagle also

King of Fighter
Tizoc is half man half bird
Duck King is a bird
Rock Howerd becomes part bird part man in one of his supers
athena becoms a bird made of energy to damage the enemey

Capcom Vs SNK 2 Series
Narkoruru has an attack bird
Eagle (this is a no brainer!!!)
Geese (NO Fuckin DOY!!!)

BREAKERS REVENGE (i dont know what this is
saizo have bird super

Demetri is a bird
Raptor is name after a dinosaur whic as everyone know is a prehistoric bird

Street fighter
Birdie (this one is a NO-BRaINERp)
Chun Li has a spinning bird kick
T Hawk (NO DUH)

Devil Jin is another half bird half man mutant creatur
Gon ~~~ prehjistory bird

Soul CAlibur … or should i say… s OWL calibur…
Olcadon is a bird

Mortal Kombat
Barak turn into a VULTURe
Scorpion turn into a PENGIUn in mk3
SONYA turns into a bird, a HAWK
Striker turn into a dinosaur and that is a prehistoric bird

KIZUNA encounter
FINAL BOss is a bird (thanks woof!)

Jojo Bizzare Adventure
most of the cast is birds

Garou: The Mark of The Wolf
Hotaru has birds take off her clothe

Bloody Roar
nearly all of the character are birds

Melty Blood
Nvhaqrqrsr CHAOS has birds

Eternal fighter Zero i think this is a shareware fightin game for the mac or somethin i dont know
Misuru has a BIRd it name is SORA
kanna is a half child half bird chymerya

Killer Instinct
Chief thunder uses a bird fireball to harm enemeys

Iroha is a bird


tizocs from brutal paws of fury you idiot


What if chickens could fly?




last boss in kizuna encounter is a bird


We need more dogs in fighting games.


wow. interesting thought.


this has questioned everything i ever knew about fighting games


eagle from cvs2 exhibits many birdlike traits such as his large wingspan


Ryu has birds in his stage in 3S. Also his full name when translated to German, then to Portugese, then to Latin means “He who loves birds”. Coincidence? I think not!

Also Chun Li has that spinning bird kick move. I’m almost sure she is part bird.


:rofl: I’m not sure why this is so funny.


uhmmmm ok




he is not just 1 goose, he is many goose


What do you mean “Full name”? “Ryu” is the ONLY name he has!


t. hawk is a bird he can dive like hawk!

metly blood nysrjjhnrwhynqgyrg chaos has birds!

in guilty gear there is a character named RAVEN


Surely he has a last name, unless he’s like Prince, who sings “When Doves Cry”. See the bird theme just carries on and on…

Just remembered, Milia from GG gets bird like wings for her hyper and a move or two.


And his propensity for birds of ALL feathers :bgrin:

Btw, Dinosaurs prehistoric birds? Devil Jin part bird? Wtf, dude go get some popeyes or something and jump off a roof.


all birds are also gay, just like eagle!


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We need TS in here to help us w/ some anti-bird combos.

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