Birthday gift

Birthday was yesterday and my girl knows my love for street fighter and playing with my joystick (all day)… came home from a long days of work and found this on the kitchen table…

heres the comparison with my hrap3 :rock:

Fuckin sickness… Best present ever

Man, that is cool.
She got you an Arcade Stick that looks like your cake!

that’s a great girlfriend! she got a sister?! :stuck_out_tongue:

at first i thought it was a crappily done arcade stick but then nooooooooooooooooooo
its a cake.
or is it?

the cake is a lie isn’t it? its really a playable arcade stick right?

Damn, man, had my birthday yesterday as well, got nothing as good as that! Don’t ever lose that girl!

Those look like real buttons lol… Awesome Gift!

haha yeah the cake is a fuckin trip!! happy birthday kitsunisan

awesomeness ahahahaha.

What’s the ball top made out of?

fondant i believe… everyting is edible maan

She put concave happs on your cake loool.

I wouldn’t really want to eat that cake, it looks so nice, but then again, it might be rude not to eat it.

Still, very nice ar-cake stick. :tup:

That’s an awesome likeness of your stick, she got mad cake skills.

Now dual-mod that thing!

I’m surprised nobody said this yet here but anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

happy birthday greetings and nice stuff like that. That cake looks of top quality, and very yummy too, that woman of yours if a keeper! What flavor is was the cake?

thanks guys. havent ate the cake yet. savin it for when tonight when we get crunk. :slight_smile:

Just eat out from the back of it. That way, it’s cut open, so you can start putting some PCBs in there. Oh, and be sure to be nice to your girlfriend. Because you’re gonna want another arcake stick. Everyone wants more arcake sticks.

Pretty thoughtful gift…

I got a plasma 50" 3dtv & 3 more LCDs for my b-day couple weeks ago…

Like most of the people here I was struck with confusion for a moment, wow amazing stuff happy birthday man. The standard CP look on the base is an awesome touch of detail.

I lol’d hard.

What’s the point of this information anyway. Did you check the TVs for bloodstains?