Bison advanced strats and tactics

well for a long ass time i been wanting to post some of my bison techniques but was just to damn lazy to sit thru the typing.well some of that laziness is gone and ill post a little bit and ill post the rest most of my tactics are set ups for different moves and u guys can post what your strategy’s are too to get this thread alive.

*first off bison is an offensive player and should be played as such.
*,c.lp,scissors kick should be your go to go move.whenever your fighting and need some time to rethink your strategy kick that out as its seems to have more priority than most short attacks(i stopped sakuras lv3 dragon punch super with this combo.

*now u can add to the,c.lp scissor kick combo i just find it easier with the two crouching shorts.

*bisons roundhouse kick is one of th most prioritized moves in the game and also one of the fastest roundhouse should be used abusively because its so quick and a few of these will leave opponents dizzy.

*as u all should know RC psychocrusher is a monster mover(i dont use that roll cancel shit though im just posting it.

*the head stomp is a good move for scrubs,but any pro will definately nail u for using it and i only recommend it for a surprise factor in a match.

*scissor kicks/knee pressnightmare isgood for people who like to poke with’s and sweeps.anticipate the sweep andlet em have it he’ll go over their kick and embarass the fighter.

*ok that was some of the basics here goes the rest.

*a good way to set up all of his moves are in empty jumps.lets say for instance u thrown the opponent from one side of the screen to the other at your at a full screens distance.empty jump from where u are at while charging back and as soon as u land you’ll be in front of the enemy fully charged for anything (preferably psycho crusher or super psycho crushaaaaa!!)when u land the opponent will be blocking and when they see u are landing and not attacking,that split second it takes them to let go blockand try to attack is all u need to deliver the move.shit to make it more damaging hit em with a lvl3 and ill bet they scream “man i was holding block!!” but they wasnt and i call this technique the 1/2 interval.

*actually with bison you’ll be using this technique alot and even though other characters can do it by him bein so quick he does it real good.

*u can use it to repeatedly bash the opponents ribs with rh kicks by varying between mk and round house.and repeated roundhouses will get the opponent dizzy because his kick takes so much damage.just shoot out a mk,wait a split second for them to block and when they try to attack u bam!!roundhouse kick outprioritizes their move.and u can do this repeatedly but after a while people will catch on to it and learn how to stop it.

*c.lp,,c.lp,… repeatedly will force an opponent to block low and when they block low unleash a psychobanisher as unknown to many players it has overhead properties and will hit a crouching blocking opponent.

*well thats all i can think of right now and im about to go eat some barcecue and ill post some more shit later.just remember the 1/2 interval technique is a killer and u should go and try it it will really improve your bison game…

*first off bison is an offensive player and should be played as such.

bison isnt just an agressive character…he’s good at turtling and has a great keep away game…

Bison is, contrary to popular belief, a pretty balanced character. But even if you use him for rushdown I think he is most useful as a reactionary character, in that he should just react to whatever the opponent does and punish accordingly…he has lots of great ways to punish people, which makes sense since he is a boss character.(Psycho Crusher has good priority, Scissors kick goes over low attacks, and his normals are good at surprising people with their range.)

Basically, even though he is versatile I think it’s best to start a match more slowly, punishing whatever your opponent does, then when your opponent is too scared to do anything, RTSD:D :cool:

*scissor kicks/knee pressnightmare isgood for people who like to poke with’s and sweeps.anticipate the sweep andlet em have it he’ll go over their kick and embarass the fighter.

this is called invincibility frames… and that might work once on some1 who is good but i doubt it will work twice…

and bisons bnb is c.lpx2,c.forward,short knee press…not,c.lp,scissors kick

the last thing is,c.lp, repeatadly? then psycho vanish? are u on drugs?..i mean honestly…

First of all he said Psycho BANISHER, not Psycho Vanish.

And second of all, scissors kicks don’t have invincibility frames (though knee press nightmare does) but they still work, if your opponent likes to walk up, low poke, repeat a lot catch them with a roll cancelled scissors kick, if they try to poke they get smacked, if they block(hard since its so close) you’re not in too bad a position, if they roll you could be in trouble, but who rolls in anyways?

Also, the 2 BnBs you listed are the same as his- if you read later he says c.lp. scissors kick…which is basically the same as c.lp c.lp scissors kick.:lol:

Similar trick to the empty jump into lvl3

PPP teleport towards from full screen, often times, I’ve seen the opponent try a expecting me to come in close or something, whatever it is, if the opponent tries to retaliate against the teleport, punish them for it with a lvl3 Psycho Crusher. Of course, there is a short period when you ARE vulnerable and can’t do anything after the teleport, but this is why you do the PPP one to get close, but still about half a screen away.

Anyway, I have it charging, and don’t do the super unless you see the opponent try something (like with Ryu etc.)

Not many people teleport with Bison, even the top players, but it can help you sometimes.

Question: can you do rising teleports? For some reason, it seems like you can’t do that move like you can with AKuma or something. You know, like a rising DP.

First of all he said Psycho BANISHER, not Psycho Vanish.

ive never heard of psycho banisher…it doesnt seem to be in any of his command lists but i know the move he means

Haha. Actually, the move he is looking for IS the Psycho Vanish- it’s the (deceptive) name for his fireball reflector, the DP+P. The name of his teleport is the Bison Warp I believe.

lol…agreed,i think he made psycho banisher up…

psycho vanish is not an overhead.

oh yea sorry guys,i just realized what i had typed that day when i said psycho banisher man i dont know where the hell that came from i meant psycho vanish as some of u understand.

oh,and hobo joe,no im not on fuckin drugs bro are you?the,c.lp…psycho vanish isa mix up that i use and that i win with.if u looked at the name of the thread,it didnt say fuckin debate on what tactics work from person to person…if u find that what i’ve typed is rediculous,thats your 2 cents that noone asked for. if u feel that what i use doesnt work for you,there are better ways to address it than “are u on drugs?” get ya shit straight fucka before u feel opinionated and say dumb shit to make an ass out yourself,the zeronian dude says psycho vanish does not hit overhead,when i hit crouching opponents with it hits them,he didnt be ignorant and ask me am i on drugs but this homo-joe muthafucka…tryin to make me seem like i dunno what the hell im talkin about in my street fighter knowledge…man holla rookie u fuckin wita veteran at this game…and if i get kicked off the forum for u and your bull it dont matter,ill be back on here wit another name and homo-joe aint somethin ill forget…next time u got a problem address me better dawg holla at me…

what the purpose for psycho banisher/vanisher?? like when would u use it other than in the CC?

what does it beat out? would it beat out any sweeps…or sth?

nope, I just checked in training mode. it does not hit overhead. if it hits people after that it’s just because they aren’t blocking. kinda like when I do cr. lp, cr. lp, st. mp, then wait a half second, then do a lk knee press. the knee press hits like 75% of the time because that delay caused them to stop blocking. that’s what you’re doing with the psycho vanish thing.

and the move itself is useless unless you roll cancel it.

r u retarted,dawg? psycho vanish is not an overhead…your tactics dont work and i doubt you are a vetran at this game if u think that this works… and your empty threats dont scare me…and i didnt make myself look like a dumbass,u did.But anyways im not gonna hold a grudge cause thats a waste of my time…and yours

wait a minute,not one time did i threaten u joe,i dont make empty threats because thats a waste of time,what im fuckin sayin is address me better when u got a fuckin problem wit shit that i use.the psycho vanish doesnt hit overhead cause i just finished playin it and i see it doesnt,but all this time i been hittin crouching opponents with it so therefore i assumed it hits as an overhead.naw muthafucka im not retarded,and that overhead shit was a mistake,but everything else i posted works bitch,and what ima do is be the bigger man and end this bullshit like right done wit it,if my shit dont work for u then oh well post ya own shit up rookie,and keep ya fuckin mouth shut when it comes to me and what i use fella…holla im done wit this grudge shit…

And it eats up fireballs, so fuck blocking them!

shut up! nobody wants to hear your scrub tactics

This isnt the scrubbY kgroove bison thread, k bye.

the speed at which the scissor kick comes out and the range on th HP version amazing… ive managed to punish Shotos who like fireballs with this one, if timed right it will go straight over the fireball hitting them with no time to react… although not one to over use it can close the gap on a turtle quite well.
his HP crusher is more usfull than the other “human projectiles” as it goes through the other player nad has relitivly quick cooldown meaning it can be thrown out more often.
i try to avoid his slide as the cooldown is really bad, instead using a c.MK after a HK jumpin.
on the matter of teleporting i use it quite a bit and have never really had any problems with it.

one other point. this is the third thread where someone has made a comment about God Ryu and he has gone off on a very offense rant at them, perhaps you should learn to chill out mate.

M bison is god!!!

oh yeah and since this is my first tym posting on shoryuken ill give some neat info on mr red and black. His standing jab has long reach so if his opponent is big enough ie sagat he can play walk up and standing jab him all day game making pined down and having very few option to do anything but roll, uppercut, super or conter attack. Experiment and see which characters this trap works on also if used properly it can give m bison a huge advantage up close if he can land it. Well im to lazy to post more so tough:mad: its red and black i lyk that little face:mad: oh yeah