Bison combo

What is the timing for crouching medium punch to crouching medium kick? Can’t seem to connect it in training mode unless it’s a counter hit.

2f link. Not sure what else to tell you since there’s no way to notate combo timings in text. Also, there’s a Q&A thread (sticky) that this would be perfect for.

It’s a late timing since cr. mp has little recovery but starts a little slow. Just wait until Bison’s fist is retracting before pressing the button. If cr. mk doesn’t come out you’re doing the input early, if comes out but is blocked you’re doing the input late.

I don’t think its a really impossible link buuuuuuuuut the problem is the spacing imo. If you’re a little too far cMk doesn’t connect

It’s character dependent, but it works on more characters than you would think. Off the top of my head, it doesn’t work on on standing Sagat, Guile, Fuerte, Ibuki, and maybe Juri? There are others too where the spacing is very specific.