Bison combos



any1 know any bison combo that end with the pyscho crusher?? all i know is head stomp, then dive then cruhser



c.LP, c.LP, s.LK xx MK scissors… activate, [s.LP, HK scissors], [s.HK, HK scissors] x n (to the corner), s.HP, paint

air to air j.MP x 2, land, superjump forward… activate, [j.HK, j.HK, j.HK], HK scissors (to put opponent in corner), s.HP, paint


air to air j.MP x 2, land, superjump forward… activate, [j.HK, j.HK, j.HP] x n (to the corner), s.HP, paint

Going straight to HK scissors puts the opponent in the corner faster, and as a result will get you around 1500 more total damage. But it’s easy to mess up if your distancing judgement isn’t accurate.

Using j.HP pops the opponent up higher and is thus more safe, but you’ll do less damage in the long run.

these are the ones that i use and i learned them from Kcxj very good player. Next time just do a search through the threads


Err wtf? :confused:


What is the matter NippOn


I don’t think he was asking about A-groove setups… I think he just wants to know combos ending with psycho-crusher… and hence the “errr wtf”


Thanks for the information i guess that makes a lot of since:lol:


Well, bison’s basic bread and butter is

Cross up Roundhouse, Cr. Jab, Cr. Jab, Cr. Forward xx {Physcho crusher, scissor kick, or super}

You can also link stuff like forward, forward.

On fat characters like Blanka, you can do Cr. Jab x 3, Stand Strong xx whatever (this gets you a 1 hit short scissor kick).

Crouch Fierce is also super cancel only, so that’s good if someone is dizzy.


Also a little side note when playing with Bison most players have a hard catching people with his CU. I find that when you dash in and do 3xlp that puts you in the right distance for setting up his CU. If you guys did not know that:eek: