Bison Community Game Thread

This thread is in response to THIS.

By the looks of it, most of us Bison players need all the help we can get (judging by the threads lately…). This thread is for us SRK Bison players to talk about the games we had with EACH OTHER, so we can help EACH OTHER out. We say the good things, bad things, record the match and critique it, whatever. Either get someones gamertag/PSN ID from the thread at the top, or drop it here.

Ill start playing with the people I have added tonight and start posting.

Hey i’m very much interested in this as my Bison can use some BnB/FADC knowledge or criticism.

Vs guruofgreatness - we had a good set yesterday. Off the bat your throw game is very solid, there were times where you know a scissors was coming and just got out of range to make it whiff, dash in and grab. Also when you put me in the corner I got tossed around a lot =[. The best part though was when you dashed in barely out of grab range and did standing fierce, I had expected a grab and tried to break after the dash, but instead ate that fierce and lost the round.

My suggestions would be to work on combos and your execution, you missed a lot of bnb’s (granted we were playing on 3 bars so that could just be a lag issue), also after EX PC, if you’re opponent blocks it I’d be wary of sliding afterwards, I did get hit with that early on in trying to punish or dash in. But towards the end of the set I’d just continue blocking and got to punish. Also you tend to try to bait an answer back scissors with a neutral jump. Be wary of that too cause towards the end, when I would block your scissor kick, I’d wait for the jump then do j. Mp to punish.

So to recap:

*Try to fix tendencies after blocked EX PC, lk scissors

Vanitys7 - quite possibly the most offensive driven Biosn I’ve gotten to play against. Execution was 100% (even with 3 bars). And again that ambiguous cross up with j. mk, I really need to talk with you and get that down myself.

The thing that I would suggest is while your rushdown game is great, work on your footsie game and try to fit in a slower pace of playstyle. Out of curiosity, do paitent sagat’s/ryu’s/akuma’s give you trouble? If so then working on footsies will definately help you in the long run.

Also good stuff with the fadc after scissors to continue to apply more pressure, although doing it twice in one string isn’t a good idea (you got me in the corner but right after I put you in the corner, and w/o any bar you had no escape options allowing me to apply pressure with scissor kicks and play footsies with no fear or EX PC, EX scissors). Also try using other normals to fadc (d. mp, d. Mk, close fp, close mp). to mix it up so it forces your opponent to respect ALL fadc’s not just scissor kick ones.

That’s all I have from my end. I’ll try to play sovi3t sometime this week.

dude i am so hard now :slight_smile:

anywho, my alt account is aboot to run out, so anybody who wants to battle me (Shervin added me last night), feel free to add my main account (Sovi3t666) and my current alt (iiiM BISONiii), whiich runs out on the 9th i think (then I will have to get a NEW one).

I am not amazing at Mirror Matches though…i think we can all agree that we friggin hate em.

I am however getting my 3xcLP, cMK, SK combo timing down nicely, well enough to be proud when I dizzy with it, fa, then hit it again for a nice juicy 12 hit combo

edit: i am gonna make a new account when I get home today, so I will give that one out when its created to whoever asks me for it on my SoVi3t666 account.

hmm I’m all the way in south korea but if we can manage like a three bar connection or something I’d really like to play. I’m sure Palamdungi or ATM spidertao wouldn’t mind joining in either.

XBL: laudanum09

I’ll add a few of you tonight and if I see you’re on we can see what our bars are like.

GGS Frankdadank we all know how annoying mirror matches can be but a mirror match against a good bison always brings a smile to my face.Your Bison is really good. Looking at some of the footage the regular crusher in the clutch and a little bit far made you lose a couple games and that empty dr into throw was hitting alot. I like to walk back or once I know it’s an empty dr ex crusher.Jab works but a point blank you can get headstomped.I will be working on my excecution thanks I think part of the reason I have gotten lazy on it has been becuase of my throw game. And will stop flashing that neutral so much.Also against my rog you can focus backdash my sweep after you teleport.The crossup is that where you dash under the opponent? That can be done with other normals like but works best with mk. Like I said GGS and anytime you want a match hit me up.Thanks for the advice.

oh snap you were recording?! You should (only) let me see those videos lol.

I used to do it because of liars on gb then I used them to level up my game.Just a couple mirror matches.It is on vhs if you want a copy I can make a digital copy with my dazzle.And email it or whatever if you’d like.Also does anybody know a Bison by the gamertag HiroEmp or EmpHiro? I remember having an excellent set against him and would like to play him again.

I wish I can help…but I’m in Singapore.

Any Dictators around these region? (Kim Jung-Il doesn’t count)

Just went up against the44show. This dude has a legit Bison. Each round (give or take a few) went down to the wire and we had some really good matches. Hes good with fundamentals and pokes and that took me out of my element. He plays aggressive and well, but there were some things I noticed you should work on. One would be teching throws. I got a lot of throws on you from empty DRs, crossups, etc. Second would be to UTILIZE throws more. You rarely throw and I think it would help you greatly if you did. Im not sure if you’re one of those guys who thinks throws are for pansies, or maybe you just need to implement them in your game. Towards the end, I noticed you start canceling out of your SK’s and that started to screw with me. But really, if you started throwing more it would REALLY help out your unpredictability. I like to think my play style is unpredictable (once I get into my attacks), and I think thats the reason I do pretty well. Id like to hear your side of the fight though, GG’s. Def would like to play again.

GGs to Shervin, we played a good set. Yeah, the empty DRs got me, and I just gotta work on my throw teching/utilization. He plays a pretty unpredictable but solid bison, and I took a lot of throws. You have some bad habits you should work on though:

  • You ate a lot of headstomp followups which could have been avoided by just roundhousing me
  • You continued to follow up your headstomp even though I stopped all of them (except for one)
  • After a blocked LK scissors, I started to s.MK at the end which got you quite frequently. Since both of us were at neutral frames, you should either just blocked or MK/HK’d back.

good shit though, you left me guessing the entire time.

Kinda o/t but, was anyone from here going to PAX this weekend? I’ll be helping run the SFIV console tournament, so maybe we can meet up and get some games in over at the console area after the tournament.

Also sorry to those that message me in the morning, I work graveyard so when i’m on that early I’m usually going to pass out =[.

the tournament is on saturday right? They ran out of sat tickets before I made my purchase, so I’ll only be there tomorrow evening and sunday =(

I’ll be there in and out all weekend (have to work as well), if you’re there friday night we could try to grab a console and get some games in there…just bring your stick (or be lucky enough to grab a femme fatal one). I will be bringing Purple Rain/Erotic City, but I might bring Greasy Jenkins so if you don’t crazy on the joystick you can use one of my TE’s.

my stick broke yesterday during a match :crybaby:…the jab key stopped working(p-linking is bad for buttons apparently). Gonna have to order another seimitsu button to replace this sucker.

if you got an extra stick, great. If not, I can stick with pad, god knows I’ve used one long enough by now.

Finally a Bison player in this.Look at number 36.Who is this guy?

good shit a few days ago DS. I got whipped pretty hard…I wasn’t expecting the burst of offense that you threw at me. I kept getting thrown…like A LOT. I couldn’t break them worth shit for some reason…just wasn’t feeling it. It was like the opposite of the last time we played. I didn’t know what to do against your Rog but I could hang with your Bison…this time I could hang with your Rog but I got raped by your Bison.

Didn’t you just get your stick, zeno? It was from aiab wasn’t it?

my 360 done got itself broke. E74 error pretty much ruined my day yesterday, so I won’t be around to fight anybody for at least a decent amount of time (although I am working on borrowing my buddies for a couple of days).

sadly, I have had FIVE fucking 360’s break on me. At least it wasn’t RROD this time though.

I’m in south korea. We’d probably have a good connection. I get 2-3 bars for people from the states and they’re usually lag free (Korea has great internet!). I just got a PS3. I play mainly on XBL, but my good buddy just got a PS3 and we really want to play together online or even at each other’s places. So yeah, I picked up a PS3 with my last paycheck and a pretty decent stick but its really stiff and a circle gate so it kind of throws off my teleports and a lot of other things…I’d be willing to play a bit with you, I’m ordering another fightstick for PS3 however. hit me up

laudanum09 on PS3.