Bison Counter-Characters?



it’s pretty obvious bison is top tier, especially in A-groove. and a good bison is pretty damn annoying.

would chun li do very well? bison is susceptible for the SBK trap, standing mp would stuff most of bison’s short range pokes (maybe standing hk, because it has a lot of priority, but a lot of startup compared to chunner’s standing mp) and non-RC scissor kicks. does he have any AA options for chun li’s jumping lk? and wouldn’t her cr mp evade his crossups? and if bison did a 2 hit scissor kick, then cr mp xx super would punish that ish.

this is all just theory, i haven’t tested most of this stuff out yet.

if anybody has any good anti-bison characters/strats, especially for A-groove, post it here.



Find a character that can stop Bison from going nuts with RC short scissor kicks on you first and foremost. Then sit there, wait, and punish everytime until Bison stops doing them. That’s half the battle won right there.

For example: Guile is not a very good Bison counter (in my opinion… don’t flame me if I’m wrong). The only move that he can use to punish the blocked 2 hit short scissors (outside of level 2 rush super, or level 3) is s.MP. And even then, he can’t combo anything after in addition to the timing being very tight to land the hit. Until Guile gets that level 2, he gets owned up.

Sakura on the other hand, is a very powerful Bison counter. She gets a free d.LK after every blocked 2 hit scissors. Combo that into s.LK xx DP, and you get a knockdown as well. There are other reasons way I feel she’s good too but this should be enough to get you a start.