Bison (dictator) Thread


Susprised there isn’t a thread for him already, but anyway here goes. This is gonna be more of a random musings than an actual guide, once the wiki is back up i’ll write something more coherent.

Bison is an upper mid to top tier character. He does loads of damage, has some great normals, awesome throw and has few bad matchups. Despite his good points his he is a tricky character to use. With only his super as a reversal, your opponents are gonna put a lot pressure on in the air and in the corner aswell as on wakeup situations.

Bison has to take control of the match. Your main aim is to get a knockdown. He has alot of options after he knocks down an opponent (remember if your going for a meaty/tick attempt, then slide in after the knockdown to close that gap asap while keeping your charge):
-Crouching Forward is a beastly meaty, incredibly hard to reverse. You can score big combos off it or tick in throws. You could try comboing into scissor/crusher or ticking straight into throw or link a short or two into a throw. Even could try cancelling into a headstomp to mix things up a bit. In the corner a meaty blocked crouching forward cancelled into a crusher will cross up the opponent ready for a combo or throw.
-Tick throw with standing short or standing strong. Once again hard to reverse.
-Cross-up Roundhouse/Forward, allows for combos and standing short pressure and ticks. Example combo would be crossup roundhouse, standing short x2, crouching forward cancelled into a crusher. If blocked go for a throw after the first or second short.
-Headstomp and devil reverse are good attacks on a downed opponent which has a number interesting follow ups, such as walk in throw. standing strong also combos with the punch followup of the headstomp and dizzies quite often.
-Meaty super, good for finishing off opponent by chip damage or can setup some good pressure such as tick throws or added block string chip damage.

Bison’s Throw is one of the best in the game, allows for lots of ticks and has lots of followups, regardless whether the opponent teched it or not, abuse it as much as you can. If opponent techs the throw you can walk up to them as they land, and tick into another throw with standing short. If they get used to that then walk up, crouching forward into standing Roundhouse combo. If they don’t tech refer to the section above. Also if you manage to throw your opponent into the corner you can try a slide which ambigiously crosses up in the corner.

Even with a lack of reversal, bison does have some anti-air options. His Jumping Strong has alot of priority and combos into more strongs whilst in the air. Coupled with his incredibly long jump, as long as you can see the the opponents jump early you should be able to beat nearly any air attack. Straight up jumping forward/roundhouse also works extremely well. Also Jump straight up Short works well to hit sim’s limbs on the way down. And at certian ranges scissor kick will also do the job.

Bison’s standing forward/roundhouse is good for stuffing and trading with fireballs, aswell as following up a blocked scissor kick. Bison can do some serious chip damage in the form of block strings, nowhere near as good as champion edition days but still worth mentioning. Using scissors and jab crusher coupled with crouching forward, standing short, standing forward and standing and crouching strong you can make some interesting block strings to confuse and expose your opponent. Avoid extended block strings as these are reversal bait.

Combatting fireballs its best not to jump in, his air time is long so easy to anti air, so i suggest jumping straight up over fireballs and gradually walking forward and put some pressure on with your forward and roundhouse. Be prepared to jump mp on reaction though as opponents may try jumping at you if you get with their jump range.

Some combos you should try to learn are, obviously your jumping strong combo in the air. Try to land one, and jump again to get the other 2 (max 3 hits in total) when you have super. As you combo the super on their way down after the 2 hits.
Also jumping roundhouse, crouching forward cancelled into crusher is good damage and dizzies alot.
TOD (touch of death; does over 50% damage and dizzies) combo is jumping roundhouse, standing short, crouching forward cancelled into scissor for the dizzy 99% of the time.
Also the crossup cobo explained above, if its too tricky, try jumping crossup roundhouse into 2 standing shorts followed by a standing forward, not as damaging, doesn’t normally dizzy but easy to do.

Thats all i can think of at the moment, hopefully some much wiser players can contribute.

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

-Dic’s air strong can be chained up to three times, and is great for anti-air against fast opp. (ex. chun, claw).
-Up + Short is a great air counter.
-End most if not all combos w/short or foward scissor kick.
-Use psycho crusher sparingly, I only use Jab.
-Dic’s Head stomp and Devil Reverse both have two distinct features:

_1. If you start the special with a short/jab you can finish it with a fierce/rh and the damage will be dealt accordingly.

_2. There are three distance settings for the initial input for each special (they can be used at any time no matter where the opp. is) UpAway, Up, and UpTowards. For the second input (while dic’s in the air) can be controlled by holding toward/away once the desired button is pressed.

Example. If guile is on the opposite side of the screen and you see he’s going to throw a sonic boom (if you’re already charged) you could press UpTowards+short to do a head stomp b/f he can counter w/flash kick. This can quickly be followed (while still in the last frames of the head stomp) by a fierce skull diver.

These distances are very useful for tricking your opp.
-Dic also has great throw range, and walking speed.
-Dic’s super is easy to combo and covers a large portion of the stage. It’s also pretty safe and hits after the first 10 frames.


Almost forgot about the overheard in the corner. Jump and press Forward very quickly next to your opponent when have thier backs in the corner as they get up for an overhead attack.


Old Bison is a good character?


Don’t see the point of using old Bison really.


I have two questions about Bison:
1)In the Wiki NKI wrote that the Psycho Crusher can be used to escape tick throws.Is it true?
2)What are the best and the worst matchups for Bison?

  1. In order to counter a tick throw you need a reversal move, psycho crusher isn’t a reversal; however, it does have 3 frames of invincibility so some ticks would catch you.
  2. Best match up for Dic is probably (considering an average for all ST character match up possibililties) Claw. Claw’s best move is Flying Barcelona attack and can be easily coutered with j.SP This does require practice and reflex to perfect. Worst Match Up is E. Honda by far. If E. Honda locks you down at any point your screwed due to his Ochio Throw. His (dic’s) weak point is that he has no reversal move (except for his super) and therefore makes escape impossibel unless the opp. screws up, misses hundred hand slap or etc. Never block a jump in from E. Honda otherwise you’ll be set up for the following.
    REMEMBER: NKI also said (like any human opp. would say) every match is winnable!!


No, but it does lift him off the ground.


Thanks for the advices!
Can someone give me some help for fighting shotokans and Boxer with Bison?


Every special move can be a reversal…
And dic can’t use the psycho crusher to escape tick throw attemps, because the sartup frames of the move are throwable, he doesn’t leave the ground right away (same for scissor kicks). Dic’s only option in this situation is to do a reversal throw (or a fast normal move if they are not ticking at point blank range).


I thought I read that the first few frames of the psycho crusher were invincible, even though they had no hit frames. So, doing the psycho crusher as a reversal to ticks builds your super meter and beats really bad ticks, but otherwise will lose in the short run.


According to the Yoga Book Hyper, it breaks down like this:

LP Psycho Crusher: Invincible for 3 frames, starts hitting on frame 19
MP Psycho Crusher: Invincible for 2 frames, starts hitting on frame 16
HP Psycho Crusher: Invincible for 1 frames, starts hitting on frame 12

So yeah, I guess it would have to be a really bad tick in order to work:wgrin:




Can’t you do the St.short x 2 in the TOD combo for a gauranteed dizzy?

I know I have seen it in several SBO videos.:looney:

Also isn’t another TOD Jp. forward (CROSS UP) st.shortx2 > cr. forward> scissor?

I am not sure about the combo’s I just mentioned. I am going of off memory. I am not try to spread mis-information. Can anyone coonfirm the combo’s of of memory for me?:sweat:

Otherwise I’ll try it tonight when I get home.


Oops! Fixed :wgrin:


Yeah, crossup forward, s.short x2, c.forward, fierce crusha is usually the dizzy combo i see most. You won’t get many front on jump-ins with him, and if you get the knockdown why not go for crossup?

The invicible crusha would be most useful against gief, maybe hawk. Better off going for counter-throw against everything else I think. Unless you wanna play the lottery against Cammy’s hooligan roll or something…

Last ditch, no-life, meaty fireball evade? :rofl:


double post, yay.

A couple questions about the headstomp :

Can you do the headstomp so that you don’t bounce back, a la CvS2? I think in CvS2 you do it very very meaty, you’ll hit them on the ankles, and then land so you can combo afterwards?

I know you can do headstomp, then whiff crossup dive punch thing, then throw for a sneaky throw. But is it possible to actually crossup and HIT with the dive punch? combo afterwards?

…and finally, can someone please breakdown how the headstomp works? Does performing it with up-back, up, up-forward make a difference? Sometimes I’ll try to hit a fireballer, but instead I’ll fly WAY up and across the other side of the stage hitting nothing. How do you do that on purpose, and how do you avoid it?




Read my first post in this thread. Yes, there is a hit box on the opp. which if timed correctly will land a headstomp without reverting to the skull diver animation. You can comb skull diver, c.Fierce.

IMO Devil Reverse is more useful than headstomp.


yes, thanks, but it doesn’t exactly breakdown the headstomp, and why sometimes it doesn’t hit anything…


If you input the command for a devil reverse with the opposite direction or up+toward you’ll either not go towards the opp. at all (but still complete the motion), or you’ll sail over the top of your opp. to the other side of the screen; respectively. This allows you to trick opp. into thinking you’re attempting a headstomp/devil reverse when in actuallity you’re not; so if they attempt a counter and you go past them you have some attack options open. Basically there are three distances to choose from at all times Up+away, Up, Up+towards. If the opp. is at jump distance from you, and there back is not to the wall you can go over them without ever hitting them.
If the attack does hit then you can hold towards/away and dic will move in the second air portion of the desired attack (headstomp/devil reverse). I hope this is clear now, if it’s not please let me know.
If the opp. is in hitstun you’ll automatically go over them w/o hitting them if you attempt a headstomp.