Bison (dictator) Thread


Every special move can be a reversal…
And dic can’t use the psycho crusher to escape tick throw attemps, because the sartup frames of the move are throwable, he doesn’t leave the ground right away (same for scissor kicks). Dic’s only option in this situation is to do a reversal throw (or a fast normal move if they are not ticking at point blank range).


I thought I read that the first few frames of the psycho crusher were invincible, even though they had no hit frames. So, doing the psycho crusher as a reversal to ticks builds your super meter and beats really bad ticks, but otherwise will lose in the short run.


According to the Yoga Book Hyper, it breaks down like this:

LP Psycho Crusher: Invincible for 3 frames, starts hitting on frame 19
MP Psycho Crusher: Invincible for 2 frames, starts hitting on frame 16
HP Psycho Crusher: Invincible for 1 frames, starts hitting on frame 12

So yeah, I guess it would have to be a really bad tick in order to work:wgrin:




Can’t you do the St.short x 2 in the TOD combo for a gauranteed dizzy?

I know I have seen it in several SBO videos.:looney:

Also isn’t another TOD Jp. forward (CROSS UP) st.shortx2 > cr. forward> scissor?

I am not sure about the combo’s I just mentioned. I am going of off memory. I am not try to spread mis-information. Can anyone coonfirm the combo’s of of memory for me?:sweat:

Otherwise I’ll try it tonight when I get home.


Oops! Fixed :wgrin:


Yeah, crossup forward, s.short x2, c.forward, fierce crusha is usually the dizzy combo i see most. You won’t get many front on jump-ins with him, and if you get the knockdown why not go for crossup?

The invicible crusha would be most useful against gief, maybe hawk. Better off going for counter-throw against everything else I think. Unless you wanna play the lottery against Cammy’s hooligan roll or something…

Last ditch, no-life, meaty fireball evade? :rofl:


double post, yay.

A couple questions about the headstomp :

Can you do the headstomp so that you don’t bounce back, a la CvS2? I think in CvS2 you do it very very meaty, you’ll hit them on the ankles, and then land so you can combo afterwards?

I know you can do headstomp, then whiff crossup dive punch thing, then throw for a sneaky throw. But is it possible to actually crossup and HIT with the dive punch? combo afterwards?

…and finally, can someone please breakdown how the headstomp works? Does performing it with up-back, up, up-forward make a difference? Sometimes I’ll try to hit a fireballer, but instead I’ll fly WAY up and across the other side of the stage hitting nothing. How do you do that on purpose, and how do you avoid it?




Read my first post in this thread. Yes, there is a hit box on the opp. which if timed correctly will land a headstomp without reverting to the skull diver animation. You can comb skull diver, c.Fierce.

IMO Devil Reverse is more useful than headstomp.


yes, thanks, but it doesn’t exactly breakdown the headstomp, and why sometimes it doesn’t hit anything…


If you input the command for a devil reverse with the opposite direction or up+toward you’ll either not go towards the opp. at all (but still complete the motion), or you’ll sail over the top of your opp. to the other side of the screen; respectively. This allows you to trick opp. into thinking you’re attempting a headstomp/devil reverse when in actuallity you’re not; so if they attempt a counter and you go past them you have some attack options open. Basically there are three distances to choose from at all times Up+away, Up, Up+towards. If the opp. is at jump distance from you, and there back is not to the wall you can go over them without ever hitting them.
If the attack does hit then you can hold towards/away and dic will move in the second air portion of the desired attack (headstomp/devil reverse). I hope this is clear now, if it’s not please let me know.
If the opp. is in hitstun you’ll automatically go over them w/o hitting them if you attempt a headstomp.


Couple questions…

Shinvega… you said you find the devils reverse to be more useful than the head stomp. How so? I’m not doubting you, but at this point it feels to me like the stomp is far more useful, i was wondering what you’re doing with the reverse to make it not only AS useful as the stomp, but even more so?

Another question is about the headstomp… here is the pattern Ive seen used against me with the stomp… I was wondering how this is done so I can use it vs others: They fly at me and stomp, then the followup punch crosses over and hits from the other side. Ive even seen it where after the air punch, they land on the OTHER SIDE yet again! If that’s possible to do intentionally I’d like to know how. Tho most important is being able to cross over with the followup punch without whiffing and getting smacked when I land.

And I guess while Im posting about Bison, I’ll ask: with the fierce crusher, when it’s blocked, someone gets to throw after it’s over. Seems to go both ways. Should one side get the throw consistantly with the correct timing? or is it a matter of the engine picking a random winner in the event of a tie(which it does)? I just need to know if this situation is a weapon, or something to be avoided.



how would u compare the Air-2-Air’s against such AA’s as
far HP
cr. HP



You have complete control over the devil reverse, and it has useful properties, like crossup, cancel, intentional whiff, and a.air. You control the special from start to finish.

Here are the controls for the headstomp: If you perform the headstomp and right before you hit the opp. you hold toward or away, that will determin the side of your opp. the skull diver comes from (this is important for crossup opportunities)!
The point at which you must strike your opp. in order to cause a cross-up is based on the hit boxes for that opp. stance at the time of your attempt (i.e. it all depends on the situation, check YBH). If the opp. blocks the stomp (opp. is in block stun) if you go to the other side and perform the skull diver quickly you will “crossup” your opp. IF THE OPP. is in hit stun, recovery animation, or invincibilty frames (this will require more experiments) the headstomp will float over the opp. Further investigaion of the previous sentence leads to the following generalization/theory:

If you cancel any P normal into the headstomp the direction reverts to the direction (for the first part ex. charge dn, up + tw + P) of the devil reverse even thought you input the headstomp command (charge dn, up + tw + K)!! I would like some confirmations on this; it’s hard to test by yourself.

I’d say it’s something to just be avoided since many ppl would punish a whiffed fierce psycho crusher. If you use any psycho crushers I would reccomend the jab version since it has 3 (as compared to 1 for the fierce psycho crusher) and use it sparingly. The game does pick a random winner like you said. There’s no sort of frame advantage/dis-advantage so it really doesn’t matter.


I must say r3ko, your avataer is incredible. Cracks me up everytime. Howd you come up with that?



what can Bison do against the following:

  1. vs Dhalsim: Constant, well placed drills, that lead to slides and more drill mayhem. And in the corner, infinite yoga flames = gg?? I cant jump out cause he recovers right in time to do another one when im in block stun

  2. vs Zangief : His Body jump attack (with down fierce) countering my attempts to get out of there, my jumping medium punch, psycho crusher, down fierce and standing fierce as an anti-air? Cause if i block that shit, SPD


also make sure you pray before you fight Gief. I usually try to zone him with staning MK/HK.

  1. Try s.Strong/s.Fierce against drill>slide attack (if your not in the corner then time a short Knee Press to hit as the drill attack lands or use head stomp/devil reverse). As for a counter slide attack I recommend jab psycho crusher (since it has more hitting frames than the slide and lifts you from the ground with slight invincibility). Yoga Flames in the corner can be stopped with a well timed s.Foward/rh.

  2. Use a c.fierce to counter the body splash every time. note: dic’s c.fierce has nine frames of start up and six hitting frames so time it well. It works b/c of the hit box locations.


I was wondering why this situation happens and how I can prevent it.

I’m Dictator and the opponent is a projectile thrower. We’re between 1/2 screen and full screen apart. I am crouching, anticipating a fireball. They throw one, so I immediately do a headstomp as punishment. To my surprise, Bison just flies over them and lands behind them! Why am I not stomping?? Seems like a perfect time for a stomp to teach them that fireballs arent safe. no? I’ve tried this with the up and up/fwd stomps and both do this. What gives? thanks in advance.

Oh yeah another question… I was watching a YuuVega video, and he seems to like to crossup with short a lot. I was under the impression forward was the main crossup move and that rounhouse could also be used. I knew short crossed up, but when and why would I ever use it? Just to mixup stun length?

  1. I’ve messed with this as well, and I’ve come up with two “possible” reasons. The headstomp has 30 frames of start up if it takes more than 30 frames for you to counter the fireball it won’t hit [unless you use the appropriate distance short, foward, or RH i.e. depending on the distance between you and your opp.]; However, if you time it as a REVERSAL it hits 100% of the time (from testing w/AE and it obviously says reversal in screen). An alternate method is to use the DevilReverse +UpTwd +Jab and then Jab to do a quick DevilReverse although this requires a fair amount of timing in itself and rarley hits (b/c it’s hard to hit the opp. b/f there back in neutral). Another possibility is that since the headstomp immediately hits (where as the DevilReverse hits only after putting in another command) the cpu might not be able to distinguish between the fireball and the opp.

  2. YBH: pg. 171 explains part of your question. For the j.Fd, j. RH the time at which you hit the button determines whether or not it will cross up. This has to do with the hitting frames and hit boxes. Short has the shortest amt. of startup frames 2, as compared to 3, and 5 respectively for fwd and rh. Plus the short will always hit as a crossup depending on distancing over opp. The downside to the short crossup is the hit box is smaller than the fwd and rh are. Since you use a crossup to combo I don’t see why mixing up stun length would have any usefulness.

If any of this is wrong or confusing please let me know.:wgrin: