Bison (dictator) Thread


Nice stuff, guys. thanks.

And howabout vs the O ken shit? Prof Jones suggested standing RH to punish whiffed DPs, but this was after I had just said a standing forward(faster than RH) was too slow. I’m talking about the JAB DP here. If I totally see the DP coming, I can gamble and kick him on the way down. But on reaction, O Ken is already DPing again by the time I press kick. And I’m not slow lol

I guess a general strategy for the ground game could suggest the best courses of action here. I usually like to dance around and charge down as much as possible(without being too obvious about it) to try and stomp a fireball or build meter and fly around with the devils reverse (which Ive been using much more/better… thanks ShinVega! :slight_smile: ), but man a good O ken just seems to build a wall with the fireball traps and jab DPs. Maybe I was just out-matched by the last guy i faced in this matchup, but damn it was hard to get a move in edgewise.

So what’s the general approach vs a quick O Ken? I’m worried mainly about the nearly unpunishable jab DPs I can keep him out but I cant get in!

Thanks, you guys rule with a glowing fist


I personally have no problems punishing o ken’s jab dps with standing rh. Work on that and when your opponent will get punished for every whiffed dps he does he will start to use them more wisely. Against fireballs, if you are close enough use st rh, this will be a trade but in your favor. From afar use the headstomp, if you can’t jump straight up or simply block. Fireball cornertraps can be a pain in the ass for dic, so be patient and wait for the opportune moment to get out of them.


Does anyone have a youtube video of Bison’s 7 hit re-dizzy combo from CE


Prof Jones:

All Bison players know that jab Crusher beats Hondas headbutts and Blanka balls, but I’d like to know if you know of anything else it beats. I find myself never really using the Psycho Crusher unless I am pretty sure it will hit or trade, or if my opponent tries to jump over me with some bullshit and it hits from behind/bottom. Or in combos, obviously.

I’d like to know if you know any other good things to do with jab crusher/crushers in general. Usually if I am in crusher range I scissor.

Also: Anybody play OG Bison? The homing skull dive is fucking jokes!!! =))))


The key to punishing the Jab DP is that you have to train yourself to not be Blocking. You have to learn how to play Bison without Blocking. Seriously. If you are Blocking when he Jab DPs and whiffs, you will be stuck for a brief period and cannot punish the Jab DP.

Instead, learn to be in Neutral or, better yet, holding Towards on the joystick and pressing Jab to stop yourself from moving forward. When I play against Kens, I know that once he gets close enough for Jab DPs to be a threat, he cannot throw Fireballs anymore (Standing Roundhouse trades with Fireballs on reaction. See if he keeps throwing Fireballs. ^_^). Then, when he starts whiffing Jab DPs, you are already moving forward (or in Jab delay but that’s not a problem at all) and you are free to kick him. Pretty much as soon as you see him DP, just walk up and Kick. Don’t worry about getting him on the way down. Naturally, you’ll Kick AFTER he stops hitting because it is so fast. Just go up and kick it. Again, if you are at Defensive Crouch or Holding Back, you will go into Block animation, then come out, and you can’t move forward fast enough to punish him.

Standing Roundhouse MAKES Bison good against Ken. Bison is one of the only characters Ken can’t whiff Jab DPs on mindlessly because of it. Once Ken starts getting worried and backs off to start playing Fireball games from afar, NOW go to charging down/back for Headstomps. But when he moves in, you seriously should never be charging up for a Special move ever. And without the Knee Bash traps, Bison has a way better chance of beating O.Ken than N.Ken.


i came across this video [media=youtube]sKVjpAGnMTQ[/media] which explains when bison’s torpedo will cross up or not
which until i saw this video i thought was random.

edit please note that this is if Dic is player 1…if Dic is player 2 please reverse left corner for right corner and vice versa. thanks nohoho

when the opponent is in the left corner
Torpedo will not cross up but Scissor Kick will
But when they are on the Right corner: both Torpedo and Scissor kick will cross up

When these character are in the Left Corner: Torpedo will cross up but Scissor Kick won’t.
When these characters are in the Right Corner: both will cross up
Fei Long

When these characters are on the Left or Right Corners:
Torpedo will cross up but the Scissor Kicks won’t
Dee Jay

When these Characters are in the Left corner:
torpedo will not cross up but Scissor Kicks will
When they are in the Right corner: neither will cross up.
Chun Li

When he is in the left corner: Torpedo won’t cross up but Scissor Kicks will
When he is in the right corner: Torpedo will cross up but Scissor kicks won’t


The left right issues are reversed for the second player side.

That is: 2p Bison (life bar on the right) can cross up with a psycho crusher on the left side. He can’t cross up on the right side.

That video is really well done. Kudos zazza! Make one for New Ken! :slight_smile:


Yeah that is GIGA-MSX’s video… too good


Yeah, great vid Giga! I don’t suppose there’s a higher-res version i could download somewhere is there?


THX guys and THX to pez man for posting it, i was in 2 minds of doing it

If you know a site where i can upload it too i will go ahead and do it.


anyone know a good and consistent way of comboing the super (besides the anti air). And if you do, put down the entire input instead of something like st. short cr. forward xx super.


i would love to learn CE bison:


range, power, easy to combo/dizzy…dangerous stuff.


yah, I was actually trying to get info/strats for CE bison. I don’t know his combos that well…can you correct me if I’m wrong?

mk scissor kick,,
scissor kick,

I would really appreciate combos and lockdowns…

I know that you can scissor kick,,,, then scissor kick into combo a whiffed attack, i think >.<

EDIT: [media=youtube]KQ6c_Fj0aY4[/media]

anyone know the command inputs for this combo?


can anyone help w/ CE bison?


There’s a thread elsewhere on SRK for talking about Hyper Street Fighter 2/Anniversary Edition

Don’t mention CE Bison anymore in the SSF2T sub-form, mmkay?


Anyone want to fill in the matchups on the wiki. I’m starting to play st seriously and i need to know pretty much all match ups. If someone would take the time i would be most grateful.


So what to do against blanka? Especially on wake up since vertical ball beats all cross up attempts?


Yeah I’m also curious about the matchup vs Blanka. Tho on his wakeup that’s not too hard. If vertical ball is messing with your plans, just bait and punish it.

What I’m having trouble with is dealing with the jumping short into bite stuff. When I play my brother I can keep decent control of the match until he lands that one bite and then keeps them coming with the jumping ticks. A quick jump straight up short can repel it some of the time, but the whole scheme is hard to shake.

Any ideas on thie situation and the matchup in general?


Ok I typed up a little Bison vs. Blanka.

The most important thing is to sort out your anti-air. Bison’s primary air defense is going air-to-air: climbing jump strong, vertical jump rh/strong, escaping jump rh, etc. This isn’t his only option, however - two other choices to keep in mind:

  1. crouching fierce. If Blanka is eager to win an air-to-air clash with his jumping jab or short you can generally shut him down with this ground attack. You need a feel for the spacing and a read on your opponent, but crouching fierce is a good back-up anti-air.

  2. run away. Psycho crusher underneath him as he jumps in. Or, if he’s trying to start a cross-up short trap use a slide kick to sneak away.

In a ground battle standing medium kick is ok. Keep backing up - it’s good to have a quick trigger finger on the scissor kicks and psycho crushers to catch him doing a slide punch or crouching roundhouse.

Like TRT says, cross up medium kick loses to reversal vertical ball. You can beat that ball from the front though. The jump kick has to be a little bit high (i.e. a shade later than “well timed”) to avoid a trade.

Fierce psycho crusher seems to be a decent option. Blanka can block and counter with a crouching fierce but in my experience it’s a little random. If you do one psycho crusher and he misses then another and he hits, the 6 ticks of life from the blocked crushers will add up to more damage than the one fierce punch.


This is gonna be long, but fans of Devil’s Reverse shouldn’t mind…

Earlier in this thread I had posted some rudimentary questions about the Devils Reverse (DR for typing ease). Since then I’ve been playing and practicing and reading and watching now I feel my use of DR has matured and improved.

However… my new experiences have brought about some new questions. Hopefully this can spark some discussion about how you guys are utilizing this bad ass move, and how top players are utilizing it (for anyone who knows to explain… Chen? Zass? nohoho? NKI? [Hey NKI, someone seemingly reliable once told me Bison was your 2ndary after Chun… if that’s true why aren’t you all over this thread? He said you were really good with the crusher-in-the-corner-corpse-hop-crossover…say that 3 times fast] ).

One thing I noticed is that the strength of the punch button seems to dictate(no pun intended) the height of the initial flight. Unless this was some other variable at work and the buttons I used were coincidental. But it seemed to be so. it seems to me that the high one might be prefered when flying across the screen safely, but the lower one might be good for a (relatively) quick crossup. But then maybe hes too vulnerable close to the ground? This discovery has made me once again clueless about the DR, and I’m never sure which button to use. I think I had been using strong before when I didn’t know it mattered, just for ease.

Now my DR-noob approach has pretty much been to:

a.) do the up-torward version after a fireball or triple strong juggle (as the YBH tech’s said to do) or any other time I have the oppurtunity to try a crossup. Sometimes it seems to work beautifully, and other times it seems to fly me too far back towards my original direction and either un-crosses up or sometimes outright whiffs. Sometimes I’ll also intentionally do this, pulling back, as a fake.

or b.) do the up-back one to build meter and make it look like I’m gonna fly around and do something. But the more I DR, the less use I see for this up-back version, especially in light of everyone saying Bison wants to advance.

So I guess, in a nutshell, I’m looking for anyone to explain specifically any of their more effective setups and/or attack tactics, or those of top Dictaster players. Which button are you/they using? Upback, upfwd, up? How far in that direction do you/they go before hitting P if at all? Then where are you/they ideally guiding him?

I feel pretty strong in my use of the Head Stomp, so when that discussion rolls around I’d be happy to contribute some of my “and you are…?”-level tricks with it, but when it comes to DR, I now love it and see it’s importance. But now that I know a lot more about it, I’m a whole new special kind of clueless. :slight_smile: