Bison (dictator) Thread


Cheap is winning effectively. It’s best to approach the game with a “huh, that’s a tough situation, wonder what I can do about it” mentality. Again, watching high-level YouTube matches helps here a LOT. Just analyze and x-copy the strats until you eventually learn why or how certain counters operate.

That being said, it’s a tough match for Dictator. He has a lot of tough matchups. Playing Dictator at any level requires both a high knowledge of the game and a strong ability to play vs. the player and not the character. If his jump jab is bothering you, just sac throw. With good timing, you should be able to throw him when he lands from the jump attack.


Either jumping attack from the front, st.short, cr.fwd xx knee press, or cross-up fwd or RH, st.short x2, cr.fwd xx psycho crusher ('cos there is not enough time for knee press, which demands more charge time). That’s a guaranteed dizzy, and the next combo kills - unless maybe Gief, I don’t play him.


The knee press happens to work on cross up. I’ve done it. The st. short x3 into knee press btw. An early RH cross up is key to pulling off the special move (never deep jumping attack) since is one of the few short height characters squatting at you.

I’m experimenting against different characters and will post later.


You are right. It is good to use the short version when the cross-up fails, so it is safe on block. I’ve seen a bunch of YuuVega footage yesterday, and he uses it that way. When it connects, he uses psycho crusher. I suspect this is due to the high stun on the aerial attack: the knee press will dizzy on the first hit, so psycho crusher ends up doing more damage.

I know Chun, Claw and Dee Jay are thin, so the full cross-up combo does not work on them. I ain’t sure which ones work on who, though, and it is not in the wiki, yet.


Yeah it is character dependent as I expected. Also, when a player counter attacks the opponent usually deals more damage out of them; hence I pulled off the full death combo 12 hitter while I was at work taking a break. Honda randomly gets dazed at the last knee press hit. So try to strive for the 6 hitters and finish it up to end the round achieving the full death combo.

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jesus chirst, against gief there’s no hope. he can just spam lariats and none of my special moves will hit him. lariat also works as anti air against vega.


His sweep can punish lariats, but you gotta react fast. The matches of Murasaki against Gunze should provide insight on how you play this. Also, watch YuuVega, the one Dictator master.


death traps against vega.

many players do this death trap against me, just as effective as gief or hawk.

with deejay: jumping jabs or shorts will cancel out any of vega’s special. in the corner i can’t seem to get out of the block stun death trap. they will jump forward with jab or short continuously, crouching jab or shot, then fire ball. rinse and repeat until chipped to death.

  1. chun li: standing strong will cancel out vegas specials. crouching forward will cancel out vega’s reversals except his super. in the corner this is super effective and i can’t get out of. they just execute a standing strong, another strong, fireball, and repeat until i die. i can’t manage to get out of this. even if i reversal psycho crusher or scissor kicks her standing strong, or crouching forward or fireball with cancel me out.

chun li players do not even have to fire ball. they can just strong or forward tick into a throw.


Whiff punish Gief’s lariat with a sweep. If this is proving too risky for you, you can also try to react to which lariat they are doing and just walk up st.MK or st.HK to either punish, push them away, or counterpoke their follow up poke. Use st.HP as an anti-air, it works extremely well against Gief’s jump attacks.

Learn to use your normals or make risky jump forward attempts. Dictator is not a character where his special moves will save you. You need a lot of knowledge and experience in knowing where and when to use his normal and command normal attacks. It’s part of what makes his design extremely unique and interesting.




As Eugene and others have mentioned, slide is your best punish for constant lariat. You have to be a little careful as good Zangief players will use the fast lariat as well, which can have you careening into a blocking gief, ready for the SPD.

You’ll want to keep him at your MK and HK ranges as with the tip of these moves Zangief cannot sweep you. There are a few ways you can play this one, so study Yuuvega, Taira, and also Murasaki for 3 different takes on the same match. For me personally, using scissors or psycho crusher in this match is not recommended. Gief has options to stop scissors and can get you into SPD if you time it poorly, so you need to be patient and careful.

Learn the spacing for your attacks and hold him down with your standing kicks, stopping jump in attempts with either Neutral HK, Standing HP, or sometimes Jump Strong depending on the jump angle.


Make gief fear your standing roundhouse or mk and you can implement consistent walkup throws to your game.


Dude in Singapore picked Akuma and still beat him Lmao


If you select Bison with any button, the colours are different:
Low Punch: Blue - Yellow
Low Kick: Light Blue - Red
Medium Punch: Green - Orange
Medium Kick: Brown - Black
High Punch: White - Red
High Kick: Purple - Aqua
Start: Black - White
Hold: Gold


The full color list can be found for each character on the ST SRK Wiki.


**Walk Super.
Years ago people argued its execution speed; my experience was to execute it quickly with careful neutral joystick movements.


How effective is this in ST? Walk up super setups that look similar to this have been known for some time.


Hi eltrouble,

Agreed, I saw it a decade ago, and you can do it with DeeJay, Honda, Blanka, Boxer, Chun, though a little differently in each case. The closest to dictator’s is DeeJay’s. I didn’t see any tutorials online so I made this clip.

As far as effectiveness, in the right situation, i.e, the corner, you could feign a tick throw with 2 jabs and do it, or whiff some crouching short/medium kicks and walk forward and do it. In Japanese tournaments I see it pop up occasionally, with the tick throw setup, and I’ve seen a few videos in which Rizone, the American player, does it.


I mean, it’s an effective trick for sure, but I wasn’t entirely sure if there were input window differences between ST and HDR for that move.

Outside of Chun and Honda’s glitched supers, I think Dictator benefits the most from it, since his fast walk speed makes it appear as if he’s going in for a tick throw a split second before he activates.


It catches people off guard.

Sirlin says the input windows are the same, but I haven’t tried it on ST proper (maybe you can test it?).

The charge time and motion are the same except that it’s not a fluid movement from back to forward as you normally would do.

On a stick, it needs to spring back to neutral between each movement. On a pad (what I used), press each direction as a separate input, i.e, take your thumb off the pad and let it to go to neutral, then press the next direction.

It has to be done very quickly. If you watch the video, you can see the exact moments I’m pressing the directions as Dictator looks like he’s having a small seizure.