Bison (dictator) Thread


This is gonna be long, but fans of Devil’s Reverse shouldn’t mind…

Earlier in this thread I had posted some rudimentary questions about the Devils Reverse (DR for typing ease). Since then I’ve been playing and practicing and reading and watching now I feel my use of DR has matured and improved.

However… my new experiences have brought about some new questions. Hopefully this can spark some discussion about how you guys are utilizing this bad ass move, and how top players are utilizing it (for anyone who knows to explain… Chen? Zass? nohoho? NKI? [Hey NKI, someone seemingly reliable once told me Bison was your 2ndary after Chun… if that’s true why aren’t you all over this thread? He said you were really good with the crusher-in-the-corner-corpse-hop-crossover…say that 3 times fast] ).

One thing I noticed is that the strength of the punch button seems to dictate(no pun intended) the height of the initial flight. Unless this was some other variable at work and the buttons I used were coincidental. But it seemed to be so. it seems to me that the high one might be prefered when flying across the screen safely, but the lower one might be good for a (relatively) quick crossup. But then maybe hes too vulnerable close to the ground? This discovery has made me once again clueless about the DR, and I’m never sure which button to use. I think I had been using strong before when I didn’t know it mattered, just for ease.

Now my DR-noob approach has pretty much been to:

a.) do the up-torward version after a fireball or triple strong juggle (as the YBH tech’s said to do) or any other time I have the oppurtunity to try a crossup. Sometimes it seems to work beautifully, and other times it seems to fly me too far back towards my original direction and either un-crosses up or sometimes outright whiffs. Sometimes I’ll also intentionally do this, pulling back, as a fake.

or b.) do the up-back one to build meter and make it look like I’m gonna fly around and do something. But the more I DR, the less use I see for this up-back version, especially in light of everyone saying Bison wants to advance.

So I guess, in a nutshell, I’m looking for anyone to explain specifically any of their more effective setups and/or attack tactics, or those of top Dictaster players. Which button are you/they using? Upback, upfwd, up? How far in that direction do you/they go before hitting P if at all? Then where are you/they ideally guiding him?

I feel pretty strong in my use of the Head Stomp, so when that discussion rolls around I’d be happy to contribute some of my “and you are…?”-level tricks with it, but when it comes to DR, I now love it and see it’s importance. But now that I know a lot more about it, I’m a whole new special kind of clueless. :slight_smile:



Anyone know the exactly number of frames that require the charge of psycocrusher or any other “tame” tecnic?


A little clarification on this would be nice.

Getting the no-hit headstomp in the situation it was DESIGNED for, drives me fucking bananas.

I do the same motion everytime, and everytime it hits, EXCEPT when they’re throwing a FB. what gives.

Does anyone know how to do the super high no-hit headstomp on purpose? The one where you just soar into the opposite upper corner? Would be awesome for getting out of corners.


I think is not possible with the head stomp but u can get a similar effect (is a less high jump) with a DR pointing up-away (to behind the opponent).


[quote=“BKB, post:55, topic:19356”]

A little clarification on this would be nice.

Getting the no-hit headstomp in the situation it was DESIGNED for, drives me fucking bananas.

I do the same motion everytime, and everytime it hits, EXCEPT when they’re throwing a FB. what gives.

Does anyone know how to do the super high no-hit headstomp on purpose? The one where you just soar into the opposite upper corner? Would be awesome for getting out of corners.[/QUOTE

If you perform the headstomp before the opp. goes into recovery frames then the headstomp will hit. Once the opp. starts to recover the headstomp won’t hit because the headstomp is designed to hit on top of the hit box (I’m assuming this based on tests performed below); therefore, if the fireball has come out and the opp. goes into recovery the cpu doesn’t “see” the opp. it misses. I used are the following situations to test my theory:

  1. Jump up with no attack; if you perform the headstomp before the opp. starts to descend the headstomp will hit, if the opp. starts to go into falling frames the headstomp misses.

  2. Jump with attack (ex. jab) the headstomp will hit as long as the opp. doesn’t start to fall.

  3. Use claw and perform wall dive; as long as you attack before claw starts to fall (after hitting wall, obviously if you don’t vega won’t hit the wall and the headstomp misses). If claw starts to descend at all the headstomp misses.

  4. Perform srk (any strength), headstomp will hit (depending on hit box and frame you perform headstomp the hs will hit opp or opp hits you or both). If opp. goes into falling frames headstomp misses.

Basically depending on your reaction time you should hit with the headstomp if you perform it as soon as possible (very difficult at full screen). I’ll perform more tests tomorrow to make sure I cover all the bases.


This is a good explanation however i think that to try to do the head stomp high jump is a little bit dangerous and i prefer to go to the no attack devil reverse.


I just started to use ST bison on more then a casual level so while i’m suire i’l find all the general strats here (especially the OP) n on the wiki i would very much appreciate if someone posted a matchup chart or breakdown of the matchups for ST bison.

EDIT: can’t find any vids of high level ST bison so any links would help.


Theres tons of vids of Bison…
Just look through here.




boxer vs dictator what does bison have to stop boxer from rushing in and how is this match up fof dic would you guys consider dis to simalar to guile without sonic booms feel free to comment no negative shit for all you haters out there


You have to stop him before his punch comes out. Depending on the distance, you can use cr. mk, standing mk/ hk and scissors. Sometimes it’s better to just block. The damage on the rush punch is quite big and it knocks you down, which is an especially bad situation for Dictator because of his lack of a decent reversal.


just 1 thing to add to the vs blanka match up: when you use the fierce psycho crusher be sure that you can go through and continue on the other part of the stage to avoid a biting throw and have the possibility of eventually start again with another crusher when the enemy is still in the center of the stage.

Merry Christmas to all!


I was just reading through this thread and noticed that it was stated that Bisons jab crusher stops Hondas headbutts …No it does not! its all a timing issue, its only that most Honda users do not see the jab crusher coming, which is why it always seems to hit the jab headbutt. If Honda waits just a little longer he can hit it. example

Opening Rd. Bison does J.Psycho Crusher; Honda attempts JHB. The jab HB prolly wont work b/c Honda is anticipating a F crusher so Honda reacts a split second to early. But if Honda reacts a little later it will hit the J crusher.


no,if both special moves hit in their hitting frames the crusher win, u can also stop the honda super special in that way, i tested this at the game center. It is a question of hitting and non hitting frames of the jab crusher: you lose if the honda head hits you when you are in the first 18non hitting frame of the jab crusher (even if the first 3 frames are of invincibility so you can be hitten only for 15 frames). The same if the head hits you when you are in the final 16 non hitting frames of the jab crusher.


Distance plays a big factor in this situation. If both Honda & Bison are far away from each other, it really does not matter. Its only when in close does this matter. Perfect Timing By Honda hits Bison everytime out of any crusher. but that is not realistic.


Yes this is an application of what i was saying about hitting frames: the honda headbutt has a initial non hitting frames of 8,11,6 (jab,strong,fierce) and also in this frames is invicible so if both start close headbutt win the crusher because hits when the crusher is still in non hitting frames.
If you are not close u can do the same waiting and hitting the crusher when i am in my final 16 non hitting frames. It requires good timing but is possible.
Fortunatly for us the headbutt has a long final non hitting frames where i can do what i want.


Is LP Crusher safe on block versus some chars or all?


Do you mean when they parry the low crusher?




I think it’s safe versus most characters. I know Zangief can piledrive it from most distances after he blocks the 2 hits. I don’t think Honda and T.Hawk have the range to grab you. The only other move I can think that may be fast enough to punish it is Blanka’s ball, but I haven’t tested it.