Bison (dictator) Thread


no,if both special moves hit in their hitting frames the crusher win, u can also stop the honda super special in that way, i tested this at the game center. It is a question of hitting and non hitting frames of the jab crusher: you lose if the honda head hits you when you are in the first 18non hitting frame of the jab crusher (even if the first 3 frames are of invincibility so you can be hitten only for 15 frames). The same if the head hits you when you are in the final 16 non hitting frames of the jab crusher.


Distance plays a big factor in this situation. If both Honda & Bison are far away from each other, it really does not matter. Its only when in close does this matter. Perfect Timing By Honda hits Bison everytime out of any crusher. but that is not realistic.


Yes this is an application of what i was saying about hitting frames: the honda headbutt has a initial non hitting frames of 8,11,6 (jab,strong,fierce) and also in this frames is invicible so if both start close headbutt win the crusher because hits when the crusher is still in non hitting frames.
If you are not close u can do the same waiting and hitting the crusher when i am in my final 16 non hitting frames. It requires good timing but is possible.
Fortunatly for us the headbutt has a long final non hitting frames where i can do what i want.


Is LP Crusher safe on block versus some chars or all?


Do you mean when they parry the low crusher?




I think it’s safe versus most characters. I know Zangief can piledrive it from most distances after he blocks the 2 hits. I don’t think Honda and T.Hawk have the range to grab you. The only other move I can think that may be fast enough to punish it is Blanka’s ball, but I haven’t tested it.



Yeah I’ve been messing with it, and gief can’t SPD it at the very right distance but most times he can, blanka ball can punish it on block, but honda and hawk can’t do jack about it.


There are some ways to cross up with the Devil’s reverse but I’m not really sure how to set them up. I think the hit box is wierd enough on that move so you can actually hit your opponent with your shoulder of your non-expected arm. In general, if you have the ability to cross up your opponent, yuo should really go for the: jumping forward kick, standing shrt kick x 2, low forward xx fierce crushaa for a dizzy (and a win). I use the Devil’s reverse to bait out moves, build meter and empty jump throw. If you do the Devil’s reverse and do nothing, it works at a sort of low jump where you can throw the second your toes touch the ground. It works as a good surprise tactic from time-to-time and you throw them so fast it almost looks like an airthrow.

You can also get the same airthrow effect after your opponent locks the head stomp and you use the punch button follow up to steer yourself near your opponent (preferrably behind them). I played an dictator player at More in Japan that used this “air throw” tactic with great efficiency.

Bison’s Psycho Chrushaa corner cross up works like this. Knock down your opponent (throw, scissor kick, etc.), do a roundhouse kick slide to get near them and charge back at the same time, as they get up do a fierce PC and continue to hold towards (which will now start your charge the on the other side), now do standing short x 2, low forward xx fierce PC to your opponent’s back.



For me, controlling the DR to actually HIT them on their wake up seems kinda hard, and I never see yuuvega doing this ever. Anyone got any tips?


You are absolutely right. But keep in mind that a Psycho Crusher will beat honda’s headbutts (super included) cleanly if it hits after the invincible frames. I personally use it a lot against scrubby hondas who headbutt constantly and it works like a charm. Against intelligent players you don’t have much occasions to use the psycho crusher for that.


Use the properties of the DR to buy yourself more time to prepare for your attempt at a crossup. You have a lot of control while performing the DR; just learn how to control it. Once you get the DR timing down performing the DR as a meaty will become much easier. Take into account the size of the hitbox. Example: claw can do the same with his wall dive; however, his is easier because the hit box is much larger. IMO use it sparingly, if at all.


Can Dic get out of tick throws without a super?

  1. with a reversal throw if the other character has a throw range as or less than your

  2. with a knee press if the other player has a very bad timing

  3. you can try with a jab crusher because has the first 3 frames of invicibility but is quite impossible.

The best one and the only one if u dont have the special is a reversal throw, but it is very difficult because you have only 1 frame to do.


The best way IMO is LP Psycho Crusher. It only has 3 frames of invincibility, but it lifts Dic off the ground. Example: Gief crosses up with body splash and goes for SPD; perform the P.C. as a reversal (as soon as Gief lands on the first frame). This counters the SPD attempt.

Note: you’ll have to swap the direction you’re charging right as Gief crosses over you (fairly difficult).


The lp crusher can function but always make me think a lot because, yes u can perform as a reversal and has 3 frames of invincibility but doesnt lift until 12th frame so you have 9 frames where u can be grabbed from zangief that after the body splash that is a air attack dont have recovery frame and also dont have start up frames for the spd because is a throw.

I think this solution is very difficult and nearly impossible if the zangief player has a perfect timing.


Exactly, I was thinking this myself.

I could be worng on this… Wouldn’t be the first time…

Take a regular kick throw character. Lets say Chun doing St. Strong> Strong tick throw.

The game option selects the throw/ normal move.

If the input for the throw is input on the first frame in the LP PC start up, during those 3 inv. frames, the normal up close strong would come out, (the game has no missed frames) and would then hit on it’s 4th frame in the remainder of Dic’s start up; koncking him out of the PC.



I think your right Fatboy. I don’t think the jab PC hits until later than 4 frames. Dic’s best bet is a reversal throw. If the opponent has a farther throw range than you and is out of your range than all you can do is hope they screw up (if you don’t have Super).

I’ve heard people talk about the jab PC but really your better off trying a fast normal or Scissor Kick. There is only 3 frames of invc., it doesn’t hit until the later frames and he stays on the ground for more than enough time to get thrown, jab PC DOES NOT WORK (unless opponent completely screws his tick throw).


Good Point(s).

The logical approach is to use a Scissor kick (they all have 8 start up frames, but Dic “actually” lifts off the ground after the first 3).

Here’s the frame data from YBH in case anyone would like to know: LP PC: 18, 32, 16 (first 3 frames are invincible). Scissor Kick: 8, 18, 10 (11, and 12 recovery frames, respectively for Foward and RH) Dic lifts off ground immediately, but the game only counts it after the first 3 (i.e. Gief can still throw you on first three frames).


How do you do Dic’s backwards j.forward overhead? I’ve seen Taira do it a ton yet I can’t get the timing down. Does it only work on specific characters?