Bison doodle

Messing around with new cintiq, sketching sf chars, and followed through a little bit more with the bison one. Nothing too worth while, but figured i’d toss it up.

Pretty cool. I really like the face, but the body could be a little bulkier in my opinion since Bison is pretty huge. Good stuff man.

Thanks. I meant to make him a bit more barrel chested and meatie, but when he came out like that i figured fook it and just touched it up to move on.

I am annoyed cause i do like the face about 10 times more then the body. I was having a hard time trying to think of how to add details and flair to his suit without ruining the whole tight suit look. (too much detail woulda looked like spandex)

I might actually try to redraw him at some point though, cause he was really fun.

Really awesome work. It would be sick to have a wall poster of Bison like this.

Good stuff

Nice! It’s pretty good for a doodle lol. I can barely do stick figures.

hey, pretty cool pic :slight_smile:

That’s some awesome artwork, really well done.

If thats a quick sketch you have some real talent. The face is brilliant.

Baller with a Cintiq.