Bison/Doom Trap



What is it, how good is it, and how practical is it? Open-end discussion.


Well i dont know if is the same trap when i know…
when you are far of the oponent use DooM assist rocks and teleport behind/Up
jump above the oponet,when you are in the air call rocks. (the rocks will be appear front of the opponent and you fall behind of him) fall lk,mk, lp psycho field

if you use a Ruby in your team you can use this…
select A-Ruby assist(sublimination)
assist+lk,mk,hp psycho field > Dash > Jump > fall behind and repeat
the sublimination protect you when you are jumping above the oponent when you fall the psycho field hits him…
if the oponent use a advanced guard when you kick him with the lk or mk, dont worry the Ruby’s sublimination protec you and you can teleport behind if you think if you are in problems

Also when you jump above the oponent you can call rocks or ruby
i use Bison/Ruby/DooM team



Bison/Ruby "Trap"
in post previous, I put this trap
assist+lk,mk,hp psycho field > Dash > Jump > fall behind and repeat

But work better in that form
assist+lk,mk,hp psycho field > Telepor Behind/down > and repeat
Also if you are in the air you can use this:
assist+j.hp > land > c.lp,devil reverse (fall behind)

With DooM the other form to make the trap:,teleport behind/down >s.lp,lp.psycho field
and if you jump above the oponent just use the trap of the previous post


is there any video of either of these in aciton?


maybe this will help


there’s not a bison/doom trap, like Strider/Doom or Spiral/sentinel