BISON FAQ: Random Psycho-Questions? ASK HERE!

I decided to make this thread so that people will hopefully start using this place for asking whatever random questions they have without making new threads dedicated to things like how to beat scrubs, what alternate should I pick, how do I do X combo, what music should I listen to while playing bison? and literally half of the threads on the first page without even including the stickies.

I know I have a bunch of random bison-related questions at times but it doesn’t deserve a thread, but neither is there an appropriate place for this kind of stuff. So this can be a psycho-sandbox to help us avoid shadaloo litter, with leniency towards pointlessness!

In other words, if you’re wondering what alternate costume matches which stage the best, or see a piece of burnt toast with bison’s face in it, or are wondering why you’re getting beaten by ‘scrubby’ ryus, or wanna ask why teh physssco crusherz teh suckz, post it here!

PS: Here are threads specifically designed to answer your questions. If you’ve got a unique or ambiguous question and are still not sure where your query or random thought/idea should go, use this thread as a last resort.

-questions regarding combos
-questions regarding matchups, how to deal with other chars, etc.
-questions regarding frame data
-basic fundamentals of psycho power

There is a question that bugs me for weeks:

When he needed a new body, they constructed Cammy, she escaped. So what Bison did is take over Rose’s body, both are of the opposite sex. My question is: Bison wants a sex-change?

yes. because of how amazing his ass is, he decided it would better suit a female body. cammy’s ass is actually a perfect clone of bisons. He even can become a woman and has in the past via midnight bliss transformation. his psycho-power knows no gender boundaries!

If I do a cross up forward that gets blocked and then walk back and see that my opponent whiffs a throw tech, what is the best punish option from your guys’ experience? I think its either stand short > roundhouse or just throw. I say stand short to roundhouse instead of just roundhouse because it gives me more time to charge.

I’d say just scissors or walk forward throw for another untechable knockdown.

Usually they whiff tech soon enough that I don’t have the charge tho. I dunno, I need MOAR play time to see. I was thinking that I would want the throw if I can put them into the corner and the damage if its midscreen but untechable knockdown does sound very enticing.

jap or US bison voices?

I rock jp all day. Us is decent but would have preferred if they used that dude that did the voice of bison in SF2 movie and SF2 victory series.

s.rh is your fastest punisher. I’d say go with that.

I hate this situation. What happens to me more often than I would like is that we each whiff throws at the same time but then he just throws me right after the whiffs. A lot of times the second throw grabs me before my roundhouse gets out. It’s usually in the heat of battle so sometimes my reaction times are a bit iffy, especially in situations like this.

US is decent, but he’s got way too many unintentionally funny sounds and it doesn’t help me play the character seriously…like when he whiffs his throws he just makes this old man groan. When you EX DR he’s all like HHOOOOOO YEA HAH! I prefer the insane battle cry that comes out of Japan Bison’s mouth.

That’s why: [media=youtube]0-WMBIJH_o0[/media]

And a question: why do most players use s.lp in their combos instead of just c.lp two or three times -> -> truck kick (yes, I called it that)? Is the link easier? Does it more damage? I’m having problems pulling off the c.lp -> link sometimes, that’s why I ask.

Well, to use your parlance, the reason why players use weak raised fist to link to football medium crouching is because it makes it a frame easier to link. I believe it goes from 1 to 2 when you use weak raised fist. Try linking three handful weak crouchings into a crouching football kick. It’s possible and people can do it consistently I’m sure but I never bothered to learn it because I think I’d be too much of a shot in the dark to rely on a one frame link to get your BNB in there. Much rather stick to the one or zero frame links for more open situations that might give space for more experimentation. Handful weak crouching, weak raised fist to crouching football kick imo is really easy, fun, satisfying and it looks a lot sicker than just crouching there hitting all your links.

I would recommend switching to cr.lp, standing lk, crouching mk xx scissors. on smaller chars. Sometimes your standing jab will end up as the far jab and it might mess up your timing for the combo. Whenever that happens to me I always make a double take and screw up my combo. The standing lk always connects off of a landed crossup and cr. lp

You get more plus frame on s.jab. So if they block, +4.

Besides s.RH, what other ant-air options do I have against Ryu’s j.RH?

So i normally beat good to above avg Sagats online with my Bison. However, one day i faced a n00b Sagat who did nothing but Tiger Knee me. I swear, i tried all that I could possibly think of, but between him doing Tiger Knee (safe on block) and mixing it up with EX-Tiger Knee, or throws, i was lost. I know if i fight him a few times i’ll get a strategy to defeat him personally, but my question is: How do you contain a Tiger Kneeing -happy Sagat? Should i have been doing alot of DR’s? I’m not sure. What do you guys think?


Dash under -> throw


I would say you shoulda put this in the matchup thread but since this is here I’ll answer. Neutral jump roundhouse, jump in/out fierce, teleport backwards, and jump in forward. After contact with jump forward you should land before them which lets you choose to dash under before they land or not.

I can’t answer because you’re not specific enough. What does he do before and after tiger knees? what does he do to set them up? Does he do a block string into tiger knee or does he just blatantly throw them out? Does he space tiger knees properly?

I’m finding that cr. fierce is actually my new go-to anti-air against shotos. Lately I’ve been trading way too much for my liking because of the weird ass hitboxes on bison’s roundhouse. I tend to get more clean hits when i walk forward instead of backwards as they’re jumping. It’s so counter-intuitive that it’s tough for me to do on reaction since I immediately want to block.

With cr. Fierce I’ve been hardly trading at all. The last few Ryus I’ve been playing were literally just shut down by it. When I get a Ryu in a corner and fck with him a bit, I back off to the proper spacing and just let him try and jump out and nail them. It’s really fantastic for when you want to keep your opponent in the corner and they’re the jumpy type.

And yes macaroni, this shouldn’t be a new matchup thread, but at least he asked here instead of making a thread dedicated to his question. I’ll update my first post to specify that there are specific threads for specific types of questions.

laudanum, you don’t have a vid recording of this use of c. fierce? I mean that damn thing is so slow and I don’t both using it really. i don’t hit trade as much with standing HK but then again I usually beat the other guy to the punch. so how are you use this on reaction and how is it that the shoto doesn’t have priority if he is JK? what distance is this?

a vid could help if you have one?

I don’t but Palamdungi does from our sparring sessions last night. Lots of fun Bison vs. Bison play that will be really entertaining I think for everyone on the boards.

But anyways, Palamdungi also dabbles in Sagat for fun when we play to mix things up, as do I. There is a video where I corner him and bait the hell out of his attempts at jumping out and I think in our Bison vs. Sagat vids I landed all of my cr. fierces totally clean with the exception of maybe one trade in my benefit. I basically used our session to train with cr. fierce against a real life Sagat instead of just in training mode against a dummy so you’ll see me put it out there a lot, and about 90 percent of the time with success.

It’s really up to him when these vids get uploaded, but once they do I’ll make sure to point them out to you and you can see the cr. fierce in action against Sagat multiple times. Don’t have any vids of me using it against Ryu. For some reason I’m more lucky with s. rh against Ken so I don’t really use cr. fierce against him.

-c. fierce can win clean because of hitboxes I believe.
-against sagat using it on reaction is bad because it will actually come out too EARLY and whiff. weird huh? There should be instances of this in the video, like I’ll see Sagat jump out and immediately do cr. fierce and it whiffs by a hair and he gets in on me or trades.
-you have to wait to hit cr. fierce like at the exact moment Sagat begins descending from his arc. The hitboxes are also very forgiving on cr. fierce when you’re in range of hitting them. I landed it at times/angles I wasn’t expecting.
-there is also an instances in our vids where I believe I tagged Sagat with a cr. fierce as he was trying to jump away as well. anti-anti-air.

This is a big thing that has helped me vs constant jump ins. A lot of Bisons walk backwards into J hk’s sweet spot where walking forwards wouldve put you under them completely or put u in the perfect zone for S hk.

Just gotta rememeber you are playing Bison, you don’t have a fireball, you need to keep putting yourself in the characters face (at least 95% of the time). If they start doing random dps and shit then punish with FA’s and big combos. There is almost never a reason for Bison to back off.