Bison for complete beginner?



Im very new to fighting games i just got my stick a week ago currently practising like crazy its rly frusterating lol but not giving up…anyways ive had my eye on bison since the beginning i never tried him cause hes a charge character i heard charge character are not for beginners?
Or is bison pretty beginner friendly if so where do i start?
I want to main him


I wouldn’t say charge characters in general are particularly bad for beginners but I wouldn’t recommend SF5 Bison to a newbie. Not a good idea to learn fighting games by playing a character that can’t move without dashing or jumping or doing otherwise unsafe forward moving moves. It might end up giving you bad habits that will be difficult to unlearn later on. He’s similar to Juri in that regard.

However if you really like him or don’t like anybody else then don’t let that detract you from learning him.


Ok well im a total noob I just got my fightstick so u know how bad i am ATM lol Which character do you recommend for a newb to learn the game with ?


I don’t recommend Bison for beginners. He’s kind of on the intermediate-advanced level in this game.




Just pick Ryu. I know it sounds boring but he’s gonna teach you the basics. Play with him some time and then try figuring out your gameplay style. Since you can play in any way with Ryu he’ll reflect your playstyle. So you’ll be able to see if you’re aggressive, defensive etc. After figuring this out you can see what characters fit your style and decide then.


Yeah i was thinking Vega since i heard hes easy to play as well but i might just stick with ryu untill i get everything down


(Imo) M.Bison is more accessible to newcomers than he was in Sf4!
His command special Psycho Inferno stands him apart from his Sf4 conterpart. It allows you to net big damage when you haven’t stored a charge.

I started with Vega in the Betas and moved on to cammy on release. It’s only recently I switched to M.Bison, being a player who avoided charge characters in sf4 it suprised me to find out how fun he is to play in sfv and how easy he is to use at the beginner/intermidiate level I am.


Maybe you’ll do well with using Vega and M.Bison as you begin learning Sfv.

It’s wise to have a play with all the cast to feel their playstyle and find a character you have that affinity with.


I’m of the opposite opinion, though I see your argument about inferno and charge for real beginners. Here are mines, more targeted at low level players:

  • was the ultimate noob destroyer : AA, poke, damage, you could do everything with it.
  • spam to scissors would corner carry, chip, began with a low 3f.
  • invincibility on his EX moves, which was difficult to counter at low/mid level, gave him one of the easiest wakeup game.


The thing is i find it hard with charge character to keep the charge u got any tips to keep charge at all times?


It’s not much to it really, always do DB while doing cr.lp etc and always do B s.LP etc. If you feel that the charge time was abit low, go in to Infernal at the end instead.


Yeah but the timing seems a little more strict to time a charged attack into combo


You can try these little drills in training mode to get the general charge timing down

dash [then hold back immediately], stand Medium punch, crouch Medium punch [cancel into] Knee Press or Psycho Blast

jump Medium kick [cross up and stay holding back as you flip over] stand Medium punch, crouch Medium punch [cancel into] Knee Press


Will the charge stay untill u use it? Or like crouch And charge but if u stand up And let go of charge its gone?


It will be gone once you let go of back/downback (unless you do a special move fast).


Recently combofiend advised Cammy and Birdie for beginners. I don’t agree with the latter but I agree with the former. Cammy has a very simple playstyle with limited options and IMO easy execution.


Ok what about Nash is this a bad beginner character as well ? If so ill go cammy


Mate, just pick a character that YOU want to learn. Doesnt matter if its easy or “hard”. Put some time in training mode and you’ll be able to handle them in no time


Thing is i like multiple ones i cant decide lol


Any progreys on the character selection yet @nRSNoMercy ??