bison help D:

i have no clue what im doing against bison lol any tips lemme know

I’m gonna put about as much effort into replying to this thread as you did creating it.

lmfao well kudos to you sir

You can’t beat him because anyone who opposes him will be destroyed. Sorry.


lol i should just drop rog for bibson :stuck_out_tongue:

Bison is kind of standard of your fundamental, if you know 3 very very important rule of STREET FIGHTER GAME, you can beat BIson.

  1. Don’t Jump/Dash/Whiff unless you got good reason behind it, footsie is one of Bison strong part, scrub bison maybe you can do some damage but high lv bison yeah your jump jump jump gonna be OUCH OUCH OUCH, Don’t jump, I beg you or Bison will BAG you himself…
  2. DON’T FORGET TO BLOCK, you get kick in face?? BECAUSE YOU DON’T BLOCK! is Block hard? yeah is hard when you want to hit (WIN) bottom sooo bad that there is no WIN against tough Bison if they know what they are doing.
  3. You can be random I suppose, but being random at wrong time wrong place gonna make you punish, I am sorry that is the SHADOWLOO CONER, you don’t live in there…ALL BISON stuff/trick/footsie/damage will WORK at corner, you can random dash out, but in corner BISON have less risk and you got to take them all, I mean most risk you did and Bison user likely, VERY VERY Likely to bait it out and you just get throw/scissor/ultra back to the corner…

IF your fundamental is crazy solid, you find Bison are:

1)LOW DAMAGE, at least in combo part, damage almost always in low end, even cr,mk PC is still bad.
2) VERY BROKEN DEFENSE when NO METER, what can I do face a FULL Ultra 4BAR Ryu jump in and mix up? nothing, I rather eat tic throw then jab cr.hp frame trap into full blown ultra, at least make me look less bad. remember you can almost OS select it out, then continued pressure, Bison can’t do ANYTHING SAFE unless he got meter, and some cases, you got meter and space YOU STILL END UP HAVE VERY POOR OPTION for escape.
3)weak, stun very easy, pretty much 3 or 4 big KEN COMBO dizzy me…Bison is fast but not unbeatable…he is more represent the player then the Tier list itself.
4)Bad trading option, in trading part, bison almost always lose, so your foot sweep gonna stuff up his scissor after another one…

ROG, just block and see what bipson does mistake and punish, an very jumpy bipson is not scary at all…

the ONE WALK TOWARD YOU, be ready to respect his GDLK BIPSON POWAHHH

You do nothing.
You get trapped in the corner and I repeatedly kill you/chip you away with shorts > HURRYAH (Scissors Kick) until you are emotionally broken.