Bison help thread

yea idk how the fuck to use this guy hmm i got a b&b i can paint the fence both sides i dont see anything he can do cuz he has no projectiles a lil help please?

If you do a two hit scissors kick and it’s blocked, do a CC afterwards. It gets them every time. If the other guy keeps blocking, that’s even better because then you can do roll, CC.

oooooooo so even if the 2 hits is blockd still activate or roll to the other side and activate to a cc? im still having trouble bring them to the corner tho =/ o well im sure theres threads with it ill look around first

a solid game will get them to the corner, just stay on the ground and poke. get one throw and they’re cornered. I learned this weekend at svgl that I jump way too much with bison. trip guard CC’s are painful. =(

ATruEVat0: kcxj is just messin with you, blocked 2-hit scissors into activate is no kind of game plan, if you do any blocked 2-hit scissors, you’re gonna get hit.

watch some vids and find some good bisons to play against.

do u know where i can get any vids idc where tho can u gimme sum links bcz my bison sux haha thx in advance