Bison Help?

I am just starting to use bison and i need help.Here is a video of me playing.

Hey there! Welcome to the Bison forums, we do have a critique and question and answer thread (although people don’t always respond in the critique thread.)
First are you playing on a stick or a pad? Also is this 360 or PS3? Lol, this video is cut short and stuff so it’s hard to critique. I wasn’t seeing proper usage of Bison’s specials or any combos, also you can punish much harder than a stand heavy kick when Seth whiffed his srk that hard. If you need to close distance between you and your opponent, I wouldn’t suggest using psycho crusher because if not spaced properly it’s not safe on block and you can get grabbed,punished ect. Bison has awesome mobility, and a great dash you don’t need to rely on his specials for movement. You seem pretty new, so I would suggest learning combos, watching videos of Bison playing may it be on youtube or top Bison’s on leaderboards, and learn how and when you should use his specials and normals. I didn’t see a single light knee press, that is safe on block.

Good luck!

thank you so much I am using a stick and this is on pc but i also have it on 360 and i am working on more videos this is just a part of our 9 hour straight session.

What is your xbox gamertag? Your Bison from what I can see actually reminds me of mine when I first picked him up so I know exactly where you are and what you need help with.

Down back or even neutral jump instead of walking backwards to charge, use j.MP as an air to air instead of j.HK, don’t slide at close range, L Scissor more, cr.LK when you’re close instead of HK, and only really use Psycho Crusher on wakeup or to cross people up on their wakeup.

1st rule: USE Ultra 1, do not use Ultra 2 unless you are advanced…I mean if you are scrub like me using Ultra 1, when troll use Ultra 2 then.

ok seriously? OUT play them, this is fighting game, if you want to WIN, on bison, you gonna play 2 major thing for win:

remember that, don’t chase bait, don’t give sht bait, keep real and make sht look like you know what you doing but you being too random to remember.
don’t jump BEFORE they jump, you can well lose to anything already why make it worse? BISON GROUND GAME! HIS YES YES must have foot at floor.

EX move save you…rarely people have reaction dash when see EX headstomp coming, so I do EX HS, or scissor FADC EX head stomp.

combo are hard on bison, so don’t have to do that, must finish trail 1 to 24, learn his spacing is far important.

  1. YOU will get pressure whole day, lot people know bison damage/counter damage already so once they get in they don’t leave you until they kill you.
  2. GET USED to it, fast, because you gonna eat OPTION SELECT WHOLE DAY too
  3. when sad bag enough, you start to see sht coming before they even finish, disrupted them with different frame attack, or just teleport make them come.
  4. more attack you block more tic throw you crouch tech, their mistake being more obvious so your punish can be better.

HEAVY hit easy hit confirm combo:
cr.lp, st.lp light PC then FP PC.
if don’t hit just use scissor, some people try to read and punish your incoming scissor, when you know they want to punish you then you can just dash and get an them ultra, anything they try to anticipated like scissor become Ultra punishable instantly.

Around 00:56, I think he punish my scissor a lot of time so this might work.
and also, it can ALSO use KARA ULTRA to bait out, if they jump in and tic you before, most likly they set COUNTER FADC ULTRA up, so if yes, they punish you before, use kara ultra AFTER you normally would do can suprise them. if u delay little it become normal scissor but if you go full force (enter KKK instead doing normal) it become Ultra.


on counter?

ST.FP…CR.MK into PC.
sometime, if you got super, j.fp CR.FP (can be 2 hit on those if J.FP is low enough) then super.

Bison is one simple character have very deep game play and mind fk ability.
welcome to bison army, no.5 color no.10 taunt clone welcome you.

I feel your pain, i like to play offensive, dislike oppent who running and wait me for doing mistake
but if you get chance to punish you must punish hard like Cr mp,cr MK, HP PC

Yeah sometime i play sf didnt notice Lifebar, just put many combo to death, never win by timeout
i always try to KO, but in rank match sometime you meet who play turtle (hit and run)
(i hate to face opponent play like this)

Okay, I’m stealing that. Thanks.

OP: st. Roundhouse is one of Dic’s best moves, and it seems you’ve noticed that, but don’t underestimate st. Forward.
Stop throwing out unsafe Psycho Crushers and slides.

2 Combos to learn:
cr.:lp:, st.:lp:, cr.:mk: xx :lk: scissors or :hk: to maximize damage (but obv. unsafe on block)
cr.:lk: x3 xx :lk:scissors

Xbox gamertag is first casanova

You can substitute the with a or to make it a safe blockstring as well. Useful if your stuff is being blocked so you get chip at least and are less likely get srk mashed out of it.

Thanks for all of the help everyone.

Anyone got any tips on something that would help me make my inputs correctly because i know how to do the moves but i input them incorrectly.

Spend time in training mode just going left/right up/down.

Turn inputs on and practice. Make sure when you go from a crouched jab into stand you don’t go too far and accidentally jump. It’s a problem I have from time to time.

i got trouble linking those crouching LKs, it seems it links randomly although i tap the LK button at the same pace, sometimes it works but more often doesn’t… and this is supposed to be part of dic’s bnb combos so if anyone could post a vid showing both screen and button taping, i’d be grateful

You can plink LK with LP (while crouching) but this shouldn’t be necessary, it’s a 2 frame link (3 frames startup, +4 on hit).
I found it easier to press LK+LP instead of just LK, with this Im more consistently with the rhytm.
Just practice to connect 4x @ training mode. If you are used to press LK + LP (I do it with just the index finger ! no thumb) you can later easily plink by “rolling” the index from lk to lp, its a fast fluid pressing motion, not really a roll, hard to explain, but this works quite fine, especially for blankas links, which are 1 frame links.

edit: With plinking you get a 1 frame extra, but only, if you do the input possible one frame too early, so try to be a little bit fast with the input, always try to “hit” the beginning of the frame window, not the end. Get a feeling for the size of the window, by doing the input early and a little bit later, with plinking, then always do it as early as possible. So its basically a 3 frame link.