bison in ce



new here :slight_smile:

in ce can anyone tell me how to do bison’s redizzy and his infinite scissor kick skank please?

been trying but can’t figure them out…

also any other bison skanks would be gratefully received :smiley:



c.JP c.JP s.JP xx scissor kick, c.SP, s.FK repeat


yo glass… so this is where you hang out now :slight_smile:

CE Bison:

poke with st.FK, st.RH
antiair with cr.FP, jump up RH

cr FK cancels into scissor kicks, you get frame advantage and combo/pressure/throw afterwards.



can’t get crouch mk to cancel into scissor kick.

do u cancel straightaway? or wait until the mk animation is ending?


white: btw what’s a skank? -_-; check out the HSF:AE thread, page 5. just ctrl+F that shit down. but it should be the top and bottom of the page.

rook: i just remembered that the first pic i saw from you was an old school Bison :).

oh… and i’m not sure if the links after scissors work with medium and hard scissors. i find light scissors most reliable in any case

and is it just me or is the charge time on CE Bison longer than on other Bisons?


hmm… I was wrong. It doesn’t cancel at all, my bad.
I always assumed I cancelled into it, but now I realize that I just did the scissor kick the moment Bison was able to do so.

I use variations of this sequence in my pressure strings (ie; opponent blocking)

cr.jab, cr.str, scissor kick
cr.jab X2, cr.fwd, scissor kick
cr.jab, cr.fwd, st.fwd/rh, scissor kick
st.short, cr.fwd, st.fwd/rh, scissor kick

Bison recovers slightly before your opp, and you have the choice to stick out another sequence of limbs into another scissor kick, or fake a scissor kick and watch them whiff a reversal & punish, or just walk up throw after the scissor kick leaves you close.

heh… that was my 2nd pic :slight_smile:

I can’t do the infinite… too much for me and my dual shock 2 >:P
the 3 jabs link easily, and I managed to do the 2nd bit - scissor kick, cr.str, st.fwd. I can’t seem to be able to combo st.jab into scissor kick though… any tips?


the last standing jab should be bufferable… it’s just a really small window, tricky timing. kinda unrealistic in an actual match unless opponent was dizzy, but some practice and the combo does like… 60%? lol.

i’m not sure if proximity cancelling (eg shoto whiff c.FK xx hadoken) exists in CE… but if it does then i suppose c.JP x 3 into scissors should be possible by prox cancelling a 4th JP into the scissors.

rook: no way. i missed your first pic? what was it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can get the st.jab to cancel into the scissor kick… I just can’t get it to combo. I guess I just need to do it faster - oh, the pain of having LK as a trigger button >:P

thx though :slight_smile:

t’was Sagat. click here


can someone tell me which strength buttons are being used in this sequence? and also is it possible for say ryu to dp or guile to flash kick out of it?

many thanks. :slight_smile:


it’s what glass listed above - scissor kicks, cr.str, st.fwd, repeat.

I’m guessing it’s probably FK & DP’able…


timed right, scissors > c.SP > FK is a legitimate combo… so you can’t block, dp or flash kick in the middle of it. the scissors after FK could probably be hit with a dp tho. but Sim doesn’t have a dp, or even a teleport so… yea.

no idea what strength the psycho crusher or scissors are tho… looks like strong/fierce psycho crusher, maybe short/forward scissors? i dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, but the recoil suggests that the standing FK is probably a FK, and not a RK.


After the stand jab I use forward for the scissor kick; the reason being that if your opponent is in the corner and you use a short scissor kick, sometimes it pushes you out of range to hit them with the c.strong. If you use roundhouse, a mis-timed c.strong will get you dizzy, then dead, whereas forward leaves you in safe range to poke if you screw up.

The entire combo, if done correctly, cannot be reversed with any moveeven an SPD. This combo is a genuine combo, meaning that if done correctly your opponent stays in hitstun the entire time and can’t do shit about it. =)

Oh yeah, forgot to add this little tidbit. You can’t mash the c.strong, s.forward portion of the combo and expect it to hit. It’s something that has to be timed and practiced in order for it to work 100% of the time.

Shit, half the time they’ll be dizzy or dead before you land the s.forward anyway…

The Psycho Crusher that he is using in the video is strong. Strong is the best Psycho Crusher for medium range, because sometimes it will cross the opponent up and you will land behind them, which leads to gayness like double c.forward dizzy. =p