Bison in other grooves?

I’d like to know some general stuff that apply to other grroves except A (low jumps, good or bad? Good/bad run? lvl 2 cancels?)
Some info on specifically K and C, in that order would be nice, but anything is welcome.
Thx guys.

N Bison is the shizzy.

I’m using M.Bison C-groove… but I guess he’s my most non-effective player. My other two players are Sagat and R2 Rugal. C-groove’s kinda nice for Bison since it has air-guard, very effective for him. A lvl2 scissorkick nightmare+psycho smash or psycho crusher cancel is pretty goo damage too! The best thing for M.Bison C-groove is that he has LVL2 SUPER! When your enemy keeps on pestering your bison at the corner, take a good timing then roll+lvl2. Lvl2 will ALWAYS have piority against attacks (unless lvl3 super of course) You might want to use either blanka or Vega as substitute, for they are much usefull to C-groove. :bluu:



i use M.Bison in C groove, is that good?


Yeah, coz I use him in C groove too! BTW, you a female? Coz I haven’t saw a chick playin’ this so-called “mens’ game” No offensement, just askin politely!

I actually enjoy using S-groove Bison…does this make me retarded?

nah doc b owns with s-bison against some of the worlds best. Check out evo 2k3

stop the roll by a throw maybe diffcult at times but if you are expecting it wait for it

I just recently discovered the joy of S-Bison. S-Cammy/Blanka/Bison is my latest experimental team.

I’ve used Bison for years in K with Vega.

I play a 1 Vega 3 Bison for noobs and 2 Vega 2 Bison for anyone I feel is a challenge.
Vega is my primary though. Even at ratio 1.

Bison outside of A is a very technical game with rather log / complicated combos.