Bison invades Cammy



Hello cammy users

I was wondering could I have some sets with some of you all
I can record the matches after the set so we can have others to spectate I really have a hard time against good cammys and i know some of you have the same problem with bison words cutting short hopefully i play some of you

psn Ruthless_Brothaz
xbox Getting one soon


Where are you located? Us west? East? Europe?

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Yeah, we need a location bud. I’ll add you anyway for good measure and we’ll test the waters :|.


Location… USA, Mississippi


cammy users that’s alright about trying to play me ill find out on my own


Im in Idaho I will look for you


dont get to disapointed because bisons weaknes is cammy…its not your fault the game is like that…bisons main wepon is his rushdown game,but the problem is he can not rushdown cammy,cause cammy is just better at rushing down players…what i want to say is cammy is a better rushdown char then him with much biger damage output and you can do nothing about it…she beats him in his own game
i know what i talk about cause i main cammy and also have a verry solid ryu and play against verry good bison frends almost every night,trust me i mastered the cammy/bison matchup (i cant remeber when i lost last time aggainst bison)…they beat my ryu like 9-1,but when i swith to cammy it gets like 9-10 for me in mater of minutes,they just geting raped and are completly helpless…all you can do is practice the matchup so you wont get bodied by bad or mediocore cammys at least…really good cammys will always rape your bison no matter what unles you counter pick them (best and only pick against cammy is zangief remeber that)


IMO, dictators shouldn’t be going for a rush down game against Cammy. Dictators should make full use of their mid range pokes, mainly far mk and far hk to zone Cammy out. Jump HP is superior in controlling air space. Also employ scissors kick safe pressure while maintaining distance. A more safe/defensive approach is the way to go to beat Cammy.

I do not mean to insult you or anything like that but you should explore and play different kind of players, that, or you haven’t met a dictator that knows the match up. A dictator that challenges Cammy with a rush down just because he is good at it is not playing his cards right.

Do I feel like it is in Cammy favour? Yes. But to say that it is easy to body certain characters and that some have no choice but to counter pick is a wrong attitude to take. I’ve lost/being bodied to plenty of characters that are supposedly in Cammy’s favour.


I agree with this Cammy vs Bison is in Cammy’s favor but it is also very winnable for Bison. Bison can keep Cammy out pretty well with his superior normals also when Bison has meter EX psycho can offer a nice way 2 escape from Cammy pressure in some situations


you should hurry and get an xbox i’ll definitely play you then


No, it’s ultra punishable. Too risky.


Whelp, this thread is a disappointment =(

By the way, MS represent.


no,no i didnt say its unwinable matchp but it still is verry hard…as you sad rushing down cammy is the wrong way,playing the safe defensive style is the right aproach…play against cammy like against fei long…you have to be a turtling bitch :wink: ,and your defense and throw tech has to be on point,because if cammy doesnt get that knock down and some damege in the first 20 seconds she’ll get desperate and start doing mistakes


Hello all. I signed up because Cammy feels impossible to win against. An aggressive Cammy bends Bison over like her bitch.

Can we get some Bison players to chime in?


How so? I usually find that I’m forced to play the footsie game as cammy when I fight bison in the beginning to try and get the knockdown. You can totally beat her in neutral if you are patient. I usually beat bisons by winning footsies and then either pressuring them on knockdown or punishing their 4 wake up options. However, that initial knockdown is the most important part. My advice is learn which normals beat cammys normals and don’t yolo scissor kick or devils reverse because a good cammy will eat that free.


Am I the only Bison player who doesn’t give a shit about Cammy? In 2012 I gave no shit either.