Bison invades juri

Hello juri users

I was wondering could i get some sets in with some of you all and hopefully we can discuss on the match up I can record the matches so others can spectate and discuss I’m only on psn at the moment hopefully i get a xbox next month cheers

PSN: Ruthless_Brothaz

I know about 10,000 different ways for Bison to screw over Juri (as well as a few of her anti-dictator technology you can look for and avoid) from gameplan to safejumps since I main him and 2nd her if you are having issues with the MU. It’s even in his favor, but due to the U2 and scissor kick knock back nerf it’s not as bad for her anymore. It went from 6 (I’d even argue 7) : 4 in super to 5.5 : 4.5 now in 2012.

Bro do u have psn if so when will you like to play can u also make a write up on what bison can do to put the juri match up in the palm of his hands

I have live, sorry for delay my computer was overheating

write up:

At the start of the match, if you want a very easy win, you want to get in on her before she has any meter. This is generally
her priority when she starts, as you know, her wakeup game is a joke and she is free to pressure without a bar. She’s going to backup and start her fireball game. Look for patterns, or ways in. Bison’s focus dash in to grab is great on her fireballs, watch for patterns- empty Devils reverse can get in as well

  • The shoto safejump off a grab (throw or backthrow, take about a step, jump in) with medium kick TOTALLY STUFFS her ex pinwheel. She CANT TECH when she has a fireball stored… see where I’m going with this?

  • her backdash is slow and laggy, you can OS it with a poke

  • if she tries to get on you by jumping, air camp with jump fp

-If she ever does the ex counter thing instead, just jump heavy kick her in the air. You can punish it on reaction. I’m sure there are other things, but I personally just jump heavy kick when I see her doing it. Stops her crossup b.s. and the usefulness of the move. If you fall for ex counter shenanigans- you are bad and should feel bad. It’s free damage and easy to react to, at least for me offline

  • When she has U1 you don’t want to reverse, I believe she can now activate u1 and dash to punish your landing

  • With FSE, Juris like to use overhead after a crouch or stand medium punch.

-her crouch fp blows up crouch tech, but if blocked its very punishable

-Don’t freak out once she has FSE activated. She wants this and absolutely LOVES when people back themselves in the corner, but don’t be reversal happy either. Expinwheel OS blows up ex psycho crusher, and pinwheel gets warp. Just delay your reversals. She can OS warp with pinwheel too, don’t be stupid.

  • You win the footsie game with your superior mobility, however don’t be careless with stand hk, her crouch medium kick
    will go under and tag you

-If she charges a fireball too close, you can actually crouch mp her to heavy sk/whatever as a punish

-laming her out works as well

  • you can punish predicted fireballs full screen with ex psycho crusher very easily

  • It’s good to disrespect her at times, but you need to respect her AAs and air to air game.

Thanks alot i usually troll her with st mk and run away the whole time with this info i have more options