Bison invades Sakura

Hey sakura users

I was wondering could i get in some sets in with some of you
I can record the matches after the set so we can have others to spectate I really have a hard time with her and i know some of you have the same problem with bison words cutting short hopefully i play some of you

psn Ruthless_Brothaz
xbox Will be getting one soon

If you’re east coast hit me up! psn jnooley xbl chris2086

And I have a hard time with Bison LOL. I’m at west coast (Cali)
PSN: Immaculate_X (idk how often)
xbox live: xdavid408x (only on weekends)

oooohh. I would like to see some of these vids!
-Can’t play though, Guam to US connection sucks major ass.

PS. That match-up is quite tough IMO.