Bison: Knee Press Nightmare Glitch?

I have always loved using Bison as a back up or “suprise” character to whip out on someone after a few matches with all of the staple characters. It suprised me today when I found something he can do that I didn’t know before…

You can actually cancel his crouching FK (the slide) into his Knee Press Nightmare super (d,df,f+KK). This is weird though, as it dosen’t work the way it normally would. One of a few things will happen:

  1. The Knee Press Nightmare will miss totally. This is very rare (maybe 5% of the time), but it does happen on occasion. It seems to happen more often if you buffer in more hits before the slide and cancel (like doing a jump in combo, then slide, then cancel). Maybe something to do with how far away you are when you do the super? Not sure…

  2. The Knee Press Nightmare will connect as normal. This happens about 30% of the time. As for the other 65% of the time…

  3. The Knee Press Nightmare will seem to miss, but at the last second it will connect for a single hit…and do MASSIVE damage. I’m talking near 1 hit kills on most of the characters in the game. I haven’t really figured it out yet. Its impressive to see a single hit take away a whole life bar though!

It works differently based on different characters too (probably something to do with character sizes).

Any thoughts on this? Its a shame that its effect isn’t consistent, or it would be REALLY useful.

You can also do some crazy shit with the lord of shadaloo. You can juggle with his projectile super in the corner. Timing is everything though as with anything. Another simple yet effective tool with bison is his air combo. Rush down then hit crouching L kick, crouching L kick, crouching F punch, weak punch,medium kick,medium punch,weak kick cancel into sciccors kick --> psycho crusher 25-30 % energy gone.:evil:


you didn’t understand it? I’m sorry:depress:


What character were you fighting against when you got the 1 hit near kill?