Bison offense - questions on how to get in?

Hi guys, new to the forums. i’ve been a Bison purist since the game launched, I recently started playing a lot more, and my highest rank has been supergold (gold right now tho, cuz i tried ed :angry: )

Anyway, here’s a problem I’ve been experiencing pretty often. Since Bison has no overhead or command throw, I tend to have offensive trouble vs players that just hold block and look for throw techs, regardless of matchup, although DP’s make it worse.

My tactics to try and beat it so far have been, Tick throws, delaying inputs, varying blockstrings, trying to buildup grey health etc.

But I’ve had the most success by far, just backing off of offense altogether and letting Bison smile at them from full screen…basically forcing the game back to neutral, but generally losing any pressure advantage. It works pretty well, but seems wrong considering how offense heavy this game is. I don’t necessarily mind playing defensively myself, but seems like i’m letting the opponent dictate the match that way.

So, how do you get in vs really defensive players with bison?

I think you’Re doing it right, returning to neutral. Bison’s get in tools are bad. Seth Killian himself said so on stream at EVO, which is nice considering all the noise we hear about Bison being cheap. At least one guy knows what’s up.

EX DR is alright to get in, it’s tough to AA. But it mostly lead into nothing. You get a meaty sHK that everybody blocks. Or you throw a V-Reversal for a meagre 120-140 damage. At the cost of one bar.

Cancelling sHP into scissors on hit is good because you get +2 frame advantage.

Shadow Axe for whiff punish is a good get in tool I’ve been using it more. If you have V-Trigger it allows you to do decent damage. Without V-Trigger you can either throw or shimmy.

sHP xx HP Inferno VTC is godlike. You get a free cross up dash after the V-Trigger activation and you can sLK xx LK SK xx EX Moves. It catches a lot of people.

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Loup!

Glad to hear my Bison instincts are on point heh.