Bison or Magneto? No assists

Just wondering who would win


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1 v. 1’s are actually fair game for a lot of match-ups. It’s kinda like when MSP vs. SSCC boils down to Mag v. CapCom, Commando can win that match-up half the time.

bisons c.fp is very good. It could go both ways. That follow up after c.fp is like 70% into follow up

Mag is so full of shit it takes too much work for bison to beat mag compared to mag vs bison.


haha. you’re probably right, but a lot of lows do get incredibly better in 1v1.

Ken comes to mind. Psylocke/CC not bad either

bison says TRAP OR DIE *****!!! CHhhea

I believe magneto’s multi directional air dash comes into play. But, I remember a very good player telling me he’s a better team character, hence (psylocke aaa).

Depends on who is using Bison and who is using Magneto…more than not, I think Mag will though.

Magneto takes this one so easy its not even funny.

Bison is cool, i play him, but he is one of those awkward as hell characters that absolutely NEEDS a Good assist backing him to function decently. He also has no direct/forward pressure, or anything remotely resembling rushdown abilities. His strengths are in traps/trick stuff which require an assist to work with.

A Good magneto on the other hand, can rushdown and whip ass on his own like no tomorrow! All Bison really has on mags is better stamina and chip damage ability.