Bison players @ EVO?

Who from the Bison forum is going?

This years EVO is shaping up to be the best yet with confirmed Japanese players Daigo, Tokido(Gods Garden Champ), Momochi, Kindevu, Dashio, Uryo among others.

What is the Bison representation? Of course there will be Andre, Andy OCR and Hugo 101 from the States but will top Bisons from Japan show? Kuma, Tuc and Neurosis would be a real treat to see them vs. American top players.

Another good question is with all of these top Japanese players will J.Wong make top 3 or even top 8?

I am really looking forward to watching the stream for this one.

I’m not going, lol. I’m sure there are at least a few people here going. Can’t wait to see em represent!

As for J.Wong making top 3 or even 8? Who knows man…I have a feeling that we’ll see a Bison place very high no matter what…Just look at Norcal Regionals…AndyOCR came in second, no?? It would probably be earth shattering if a Bison took home the gold, but I honestly don’t know how likely that will be considering that Daigo is also playing Guile…I wonder if that’s the real reason he’s playing him…hes got Guile for Bison and Ryu for everyone else lol. But still top 8 is gonna happen I think and it could be anyone.

I definitely want to see a Hakan…I NEED to see a Hakan player…there has to be one beastly Hakan hiding somewhere right now in the world and he better come out to Evo!

I am interested in Daigos play at the Evo!

People expect so much…

What about Makoto and his Vega, is he gonna be there too?

I got mangled by a Hakan online the other day. Couldn’t remember his name. Off-topic, but yeah…My unknown ass might make it to EVO, reppin’ the Dic army.

Pretty sure LPN will be there

Is Min going?

I think there’s going to be so much Dic action at EVO it’s gonna feel like Street Fighter II Champion Edition all over again.

The only Dictator that I know who is going is my boy Shervin. Get’em!

I will be there reppin the bison army!

get at me for evo practice on psn

I wont let you down dawg!

I’ll let him speak for himself but I’m pretty sure BBH is still reppin’ the Dic.

all this talk about people repping dics is getting me excited, i can’t wait to see one us take home a top 8 at least…oh and no homo

haha sounds like you’ve been leveling up quite a bit. represent that dic!

I’m in there!

Expect a two-and-out from me.

Same here.

I’m going to Evo, got through in the Irish qualifier.

Not expecting to progress to far but hey its all a learning experience.

We Bisons should get together Thursday and play some matches in someones room and exchange last second tips. Im willing to have people in my room to play.

I will be at EVO as well, reppin’ the mighty Bison.

i aint going this year, but i’ve made it a goal to get there in the next year or two…or three

extreme best of luck…if you’re up for some practice before u leave, hit me up Shervin.

Valle said he’s rocking Bison at Evo. Dunno if he was joking or not

Sherv, I’d definitely be down to get some offline games with you! I’m at Caesers, where are you staying?