Bison Resets and Combos

Does anybody have any good reset for bison or does he even have any and are there any good combos for him like with his fly and he fastfly like everybody else to do more combos quicker or not but anyway can any good bison players send or post me some good bison combos otgs etc. thanks alot:D

Bison dosent have much. But his best combo:,launch,magic,knee press(hcf HK),and on the second hit immidiatly do Psycho Crusher(qcf 2P).

Dose lots. NEVER us his head press(h.down 2 sec,up k) it always screws you up. use the triple psycho cannon a lot for chip but watch out. If your qpponent jumps over it…your done. And thats about it. PEACE!

One I’m currently workin’ on

The opponent in the corner, Psycho Explosion (HCB + 2P), Super Jump, LP, MP, MK, Psyco Crusher (QCF + 2P)

another one is

Jumping deep HK, crouching LP, MK, HK, Scissor Kick with HK (HCF + K), Knee Press Nightmare (QCF + 2K)

Extrac from the forum of, the thread MVC2 Bison

(Done in cable , damage settings level 2):

Assist Ruby(A) :
– c.lp + Assist , c.hp , foward SJ, lp,hp,hk xx Fly > Hk
64 damage.
in the corner :
– c.lp + Assist , c.hp , vertical SJ, lp,hp,hk xx Fly > lk,mk, psycho crusher
*75 damage. you can do the 2ble psycho crusher , but the damage done is poor *
– c.lp + Assist , c.hp , vertical SJ, Hp,…, Hp,Hk, land,,
68 damage.
– + Assist,, xx Psycho Explocion (a.hp + Assist, xx Psycho Explocion)
64 damage
en la esquina + Assist,, xx Psycho Explocion ,…, Psycho Explocion ,…,Psycho Explocion, repeat that finishes the levels, (otg) ,c.hp,vert. SJ, lk,mk,hk
100% damage.
– + Assist,,hp.Psycho Field > Teleport Atras/abajo. *Repeat
if they make push block, you are safe because psycho field and Ruby protect to you, and teleport leaves behind of the enemy. use it when the opponent this a the defensive.

Assist DooM() :
Strats :
– + Assist,,Skull Driver (try to fall hiting his back)
– + Assist,,Teleport (up/behind),HP
— + Assist,, HeadStomp,Skull Driver (here you can hit his back or geting away)

– a.hp + assist, teleport (up/behind),Skull Driver o HP
use for confuse, or make a little damage
– If you want get closer, call Assist y teleport up/behind of the enemy
– If you are in a SJ , Fly > assist > Teleport (*/detras) and of tath way you will get close of the enemy

Combos :
– + Assist,,Skull Driver xx Psycho Crusher
58 damage
– a.hp + assist, Psycho Crusher, SJ , lk,mk,Psycho Crusher
66 damage, and good chiping
– c.lp + assist,c.hp. vertical SJ, lp,lk,mp,mk,hp > Land > Dash > c.hp ,lk,mk,Psycho Crusher
71 damage. make the air combo with a slow timing
– c.lp + Assist , c.hp , vertical SJ, Hp,…, Hp,Hk, land,,
68 damage. (the same of Ruby)

Assist Storm(A) :
Strats :
– + assist, (2hit) xx Fly > Hk.Knee-Press
try to fall behind the enemy
– + assist,,Skull Driver (try to fall hiting the back of the enemy)
– + assist,,Skull Driver

Combos :
– + assist, (2hits), HK.Knee-Press xx Psycho Cursher
*74 damage. without Psycho Crusher 58 damage *
– c.lp + assist,c.hp, vertical SJ, lp,hp > land > dash > c.lp,c.hp, vertical SJ, lk,mk,Psycho Crusher xx Hail Storm
107 damage.without Hail Stomr 77 damage. and with a HK for finisht the air combo 65 damage.
– + assist,,LP.Psycho Field > Psycho Explocion (c.hp,SJ, lk,mk,hk)
*77 damage with Psycho Explocion. with the air combo 53 damage. *
For the Corner:
– + assist,,HP.Psycho Shot xx Psycho Explocion,…, Psycho Explocion… repeat that finishes the levels, (otg) ,c.hp,vert. SJ, lk,mk,hk
100% damage