Bison seeking Seth

Im looking for an advanced Seth player to spar with. I went to Evo and was lacking in this match up. I did better when I started focusing but still wish to get better in this match up.xbl gamertag: fightclubnearu

I think you may have already smashed me so… Count me out :frowning:

I don’t know how good I am exactly, but I would be willing to play to help you get a better understanding.

Great I will be sending you a request wonder_chef.And ggs to Reipin Pillage.

im decent with seth you can add me if you want.

good thanks I appreciate it

You can add me if you want, I’m not sure that we played, I just think we did.

I remember your gamertag at any rate.

Add me and lets see :slight_smile:

Meeee! Pick me!


You can add me

Just so happens that Bison was a major problem match-up until I found Seth. I’d love to go a few.