Bison SF4 c.lkx3 xx

I decided to switch to Bison yesterday, I’m still new to fighters in general, but I can’t get the c.lkx3 xx sk to come out (I can but very rarely). I can get c.lkx4 xx sk to come out much easier than x3.

I’ve been playing the game seriously for less than a month before that I was learning/messing around. I’ve been playing Ryu for the past 3 weeks, and I don’t want too anymore, don’t really like the shotos.

Any advice on this would be awesome, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, the sk either doesn’t come out, or it’s blocked. I want to get the clkx3 down, because with x4 you can drop the 4th from the push back.

Anyways, I’m going to keep practicing/trying to get it down.

sounds like you’re having trouble going from to scissor kick, you should start out by practicing doing one xx scissor kick to get the feel of it. Then when you get comfortable with that the rest should be easy.

It’s actually backwards for me, I can cancel lk into scissors, but for some reason landing i’ll miss landing the 3 c. lk’s =[

I had a problem with this too as I’m trying to mess around with Bison as well. My best suggestion to you is when you’re doing x3 XX SK is to think of your button taps as “tap tap ta-tap” instead of “tap tap tap tap.”

I just tested it out, and I can do xx sk no problem. I did it at least 20 times in a row, after reading your post.

For the “Tap Tap Ta-Tap” thing, I’ve been trying that, but I’ve also been trying to adapt double tapping for a little bit now, that might be messing up my timings.

Im a Bison and Zangief player so I’ve struggled with these stupid fucking cr. LK links for a while.

Basically heres my advice for Bison players:

First, plink each crouching LK. That means you’ll actually be doing cr. LK ~ cr. LP each time (I have a blog post about plinking if you don’t understand it…but you might need a stick for it). At first it will seem a little hard, but it doubles your chance of each one coming out. Then for the last cr. LK you should have a charge, and you just have to cancel cr. LK into LK scissors like normal.

It’s obvious that its very hard. Watch Andre play Bison. Even he misses his links a lot in tournament. To get it right youre basically gonna have to practice a lot and use plinking or maybe double tapping, but plinking is easier.

Also note that you also have to keep track of your charge. If you dash up and immediately begin charging, you can do LK scissors after 3 cr. LK. If you walk up and do cr. LKs, you will need 4. But if the opponent is cornered or something you can start charging faster and do it only after a couple.

just practice them so you’ll know them when Super comes out and then Bison will actually be worth knowing.

If we’re going to try and write out the timing here, I feel like a more accurate depiction would be “Tap, Tap, TapTap.”

Yeah, I’ve been practicing more and I’ve been getting it down the more I do it, but what helped me the most was what frank said. I could do xx lk SK, but I started doing that over and over getting the timing down, then applying that after 2 c.LK.

Double-tap, or learn to plink it.

When you’re in training mode, look at the dummy’s stamina bar, the borders flicker to help you with timing of links.

With more practice you’ll get the timing down and adjust the taps with muscle memory.

Unfortunately practicing xx sk does not help you at all for 3xlk to sk. The first is a cancel and the later are all 2 frame links.

SF4 links are all about practice and muscle memory (unfortunately). You have to practice and practice until the timing is ingrained in your fingers (not your mind). My advice is to not look at the bars at all. You learn the timing more quickly by not even watching the screen and listening for the sound.

Give us a frame buffer Capcom :crybaby: