Bison @ sketchjam

Hey, this is my first post in the art forum, just wanted to check it out. This is the only SF fan art I’ve got right now, just a little sketch I did at a sketchjam last week.

Explanation for the ‘I’m Bambi!’ thing: One of my colleagues had worked on Bambi 2 and someone asked him to draw Bambi. I drew a psycho version that screamed: ‘I’m Bambi!’ After that I decided to grace all of my sketches with this text.

That’s all, I’ll try to get some more/better stuff up soon.

[EDIT: I thought it was just no porn, thanks for the heads up!]

Good shit yo.

Maybe you should take down the second pic, SRk’s strict on allowing no nudity. Great pics though!

Hahaha thats great. I love the avatar / username combo. You should definitely try to add a claw & ponytail or something for pretty boy Stamos.

Thanks guys!

Yeah, I already gave him Captain Commando’s body, but it’s not very visible. It’s because they both play guitar and it makes the Uncle Jesse assist thing work…

No problem, just looking out. I really like the stylized Balrog.

"I’m Bambi!!!"
lol. thats the best part of the pic. cmon, that shit is funny.
I mean…knowing Balrog and his “I got Paid!!” quote, “I’m Bambi” would make another great addition to the funny things Balrog can say while fighting.
about the actual artwork…its good. i like the perspective. very nice.

“I’m Bambi!!!”