bison slide

Is this shit safe? cuz every bison i have played throws it out like it was yun’s ex lunge punch

Only at absolute max range and it is debatable if it even breaks even then. If they are doing it point blank or even close to point blank you have all day to punish.

Only when I got meter, I’ll throw it out like mad!

Most Bisons slide because they don’t know how to walk forward

well one thing i like about slide is i can move from point a to point b really fast while keeping charge. Slide is only safe if you space it correctly, you can follow up with crouch light kick or ex psychocrusher. Honestly I only use it on reaction or like tony said I have meter and it’s guaranteed to be safe with the cancel. Or if I’m trying to troll someone. Wouldn’t dare use it too much against competent players

I rarely use it. Sometimes out of frustration when against a turtle even when I know I’m gonna get punished. Or I use it immediately after I hit a successful Psycho Crusher, because I notice people don’t block low, then they do and I hit them with a headstomp lol. That’s just generally online though.

if you throw them backward and want to quickly apply pressure, slide gets u there fast before they can wake up usually. Just be careful, some bisons like me use slide late on purpose and catch your reversals with an ultra 1

why does Bison get a boner when he does slide? I swear he’s the happiest guy in the world when he’s sliding around o_O

for using slide to move somewhere quickly and keep charge, would using a psychocrusher work as well assuming you had charge, you could buffer charge again and you would gain slight meter when using the special

It could work yes, slightly harder to knock Bison out of slide though because he leans back and they have to block low. With crusher yeah block any way you like and can knock him out of it with most jabs.