Bison ST Avatar Request

I want a sick one boys. At least as pimp as the one I got now, I know it’s andy but the badassness flows through it.

Was wondering if I could get one, no CVS2 mess or whatever, straight up ST.

Thanks for anyone that makes a sick one.

i will bust something for you dude

i wonder why it comes out with white pixels on the outside, oh well, heres a still one

i don’t mean to nitpick, but i think ParryPerson asked for a ST bison av.

what you made still looks good, though. :tup:

oh i see, i spaced out dude, can you post a link of a flick that you would like?

damnit. . too late

Nice av man really, and I’m sorry for not posting up a sprite or something earlier. Was looking for a ST avy

I was thinking something with this?

EDIT: Won’t let me upload a .pcx best I could do was a BMP

is this any better?






EDIT: Again man, this is so sick. Thanks again.
I love you man. I love you hard. No homo.

no prob dude. glad i could help