Bison teleport/ultra overlap solution



Time to help solve a common bison problem I see online

I see a very common problem among people who play bison. You get a fireball read or you catch a person jumping with the hell attack. You go for the Ultra and you end up teleporting.

I was asked how am I so consistant with never missing my ultra. Here I am going to lay out the steps to get this ultra 100% of the time with ease

So why do you get random teleports during the ultra?

Here is the main point when thinking about doing Bison’s ultra. You need to make sure you end the motion in the forward position. If you end the motion is downforward or upforward the teleport will come out.

Here is how I do the motion on my stick. downback to charge. then i grind along the gate to downforward, then i grind it back to downback, then i flick it to the forward positon.

You can even go downback to downforward, to downback, to downforward then to forward and the ultra will still come out.

Just remember if you end the motion in the forward position the Ultra will take priority, if you end in any other direction teleport will take priority.

I did a lot of testing on this a while back because i wanted to know the reason for the teleports. These are my results.

Hope this helps


Use negative edge, you can’t teleport when using negative edge.


what is negative edge ???


Negative edge is preforming a move by releasing a button/s instead of pressing a button/s.