Bison Throw , then super

hey i was at the arcade one day when i say a guy in the corner get thrown by bison then the guy was falling, he got hit with bisons lvl 3 physco crusher!!! How can this happen Imean i cant duplicate this, and to make it worse the super hit with all 9 hits!
Can any body tell me how to do this?

U can combo his lvl 3 physcho crusher from his alpha counter, his Jumping MP, his charge down, up punch move, those are the ones I know of…

thanks, but what i saw must have been a fluke :-/

It’s kind of interesting you mention this, cus I was trying it a few weeks back. After the kick throw (even punch throw) there is sooo much time for you to pull off the mega psycho crusher, however the system does not allow you to start a charge during the throw. Maybe you’re allowed to maintain a charge started before the throw, maybe there is this leet charge partitioning trick still to be uncovered that allows this.

Maybe you can start the kick throw with f+HK then charge back before the throw even connects to start charging… I could never do it, but it must be possible if you saw what you say you saw. I quit trying thinking “If the japanese didn’t find this, it’s not possible”. The timing would be in the same league as Roll-canceling. Wasn’t the kick throw 5 frames of startup?

It is not possible…

his AC looks a little like a throw i guess. That’s what happened. Imagine how many more c bisons there would be if you could do that. And raged bison would be disgusting

Also… James Chen’s system guide says post-throw juggles were eliminated for the most part. I honestly think that the designers were smart enough to forsee this 2easy2kill problem.

Having said that. This thread just relit a spark of hope deep inside me that says… “yes… it can be done”. Please tell me you’re not lying!!!

The only traces of the throw-into-juggle are programming oversights that come from throw xx activate with certain chars:

Chang RH throw
Maki FP throw
Yun FP throw
Hibiki RH throw (can activate after in corner OR midscreen!!!)


I Swear, this is what i saw, ! and it only happned once and i cant get it to happen agin (i was not playing i was watching)
but i know bison can throw then go in to a A’ grove activation, if the guy is like one step from the corner, which goes to show that a person can be hit from a throw, right?

not really, because CC’s juggle everytime, everywhere… I think CC’s are a bug :slight_smile:

But juggling after a throw while allready activated is impossible… don’t know if that means anything.

if what u say is true about hitting someone with a move after you throw them, must be a glitch, because characters go invisible once thrown, (thrown, not countered, such as Hibiki or Yamazki) that includes if you throw then activate a CC

i was talking about throw then activate, hmm ill check it out then post more.

He prolly quick rolled after the throw then got hit.

that shit doesnt work dude…he prolly either tech roll then got hit by the super rite after. cuz after a fp/hk throw with bison u cant super or activate rite after dude.

how do you still have 3 levels to burn after you use an alpha counter?

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has it been that long since most people abandoned N groove?

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sorry this might be offtopic but how do you do that move looks like an over head chop. its used alot in A grooves. His goes up then smacks down… please help

u fucking scrub u should stop playing this game how can u not know how to do that anyways its like a shoryuken

the combo that he is talking about with the bison throw into lvl3 super was done in alteast three different vids that i know of. If any of you guys would like to see the vids with the combo in it just post a reply and i will dig up the vids for you.