Bison Title Requirements



Quick question anyone know what the requirement are for Bison’s titles

Water: Supreme Ruler/ Hell On Earth
Fire: Shadaloo’s Leader/ The Fight to End All
Plate: I Shall Grant You Death/ The Air of a Last Boss
EX: Mwahaha!/ Psycho Power Is Eternal
Wedge: Body Counter
Master: Ultimate Nightmare/ M. Bison Master
Yellow: Power’s Ultimate Destination/
Tear: The Epitome of Evil

I have the water, fire and plat titles plus the first EX title, I also have the Yellow Title.
I believe the master titles unlock at level 50 and level 99, will reach level 50 tomorrow.
The tear title along with EX 1 color is currently exclusive to one of the Japanese special editions, I assume it will be available eventually probably as DLC.

But I’ve no idea how to get the Body Counter or Pyscho Power is Eternal titles, I’ve seen the Body Counter title alot.
Any idea’s?


So for anyone who is interested.

Supreme Ruler = 1 Ranked Win
Shadaloo’s Leader = 10 Ranked Wins
I Shall Grant you Death = 50 Ranked Wins
The Fight to End All = 100 Ranked Wins
The Air of a Last Boss = 300 Ranked Wins
Powers Ultimate Destination = 500 Ranked Wins
Body Counter = 1,000 Ranked Wins

Hell on Earth = Level 10
Mwahaha! = Level 30
Ultimate Nightmare = Level 50
Pyscho Power is Eternal = Level 90
M.Bison Master = Level 99

The Epitome of Evil = Currently exclusive to Japanese special editions of the game along with the EX 1 color.


Where did you get those last two details from? Damn, 500/1000 ranked wins…


Vesper arcade did a video on the requirements. I’m about 2/3 of the way to 1,000 wins.


Just need 133 more wins for the Body Counter title. Averaging about 20 wins in ranked a day probably a week or so before its mine.
At Level 53 with Bison, averaging one level 1 up every 2-3 days, but I don’t get to play on weekends and the requirement goes up every rank. Will be well into next year before I reach level 90 :pensive:


It will take me ages to reach level 99. I am only level 54 right now and it will take thousands of wins.


801 Wins - lvl 44.

Pfffffff… this will take a while.


Best of luck man. I’ve stopped playing for a while. At about 875 wins and rank 53. Do intend to get back into it but busy with real life stuff for a few weeks.


Back at the grind, just 34 more ranked wins till Body Counter title is mine should have it early next week before I go a 2 week holiday.

Setting myself targets with the game
1,000 ranked wins. This will be easy.

Get 40,000 FM for the Halloween stage. (currently on 23,000FM)

Beat Survival mode hard and extreme with Urien. (watching videos of this should be exploitable with Urien’s Knee Drop) Limiting myself to one attempt a day to avoid frustration.
I cheated my way through all other survival modes bar Bison’s which I did legit so this is currently the last way of getting FM from single player content outside of the weekly missions.

Reach Super Diamond rank by December. Having reached Diamond, I’m confident I can do this. After that I’d think I’d need to significantly improve my gameplay to reach Ultra Diamond. Once you reach Super Diamond beating a platinum player only gives you 10 LP and you risk loosing around 100LP. Every day I’m learning something new with Bison so I feel there is plenty of room to improve.

Reach level 90 by mid next year. (currently level 55)


For me it seems to be the time to stop for a while. I haven’t added something useful lately, but I developed quite a few bad patterns in the last few weeks and need to get them out.

Platinum Rank and Trophy are my goals. Just need the 1.000.000 FM for the trophy.
Sitting on start of Super Gold and do not feel comfortable to play ranked right now.


Yeah I’ve been out of the game since last week. And am going on a two week holiday later today, so everything is on hold.
I used the one round survival mod to unlock FM and color’s so the 1 million FM (and the achievement you get from getting all other achievements) is not legit. I’d say I earned about 600,000-700,000 FM legit at this point.
I took a break when I got to Platinum and doing the same now that I’m Diamond. Need to psyche myself up to go again. I know a few other players who do the same.