Bison Training Plan



Gonna start getting into some heavy practice with Bison and was wondering if anyone has a training plan to use? Like what combos to practice or stuff like that.


c.shortx3>l.scissors is the most important thing. the next most important thing in my opinion is to know when to s.rh, c.fierce or just block.


i do with super on infinite:

forward dash
short x4
medium scissors

if done correctly, this is an infinite combo in the corner… so it’s good execution practice…

you can also do:

forward dash
crouch jab
crouch jab x1 or 2 // stand jab // stand short x1 or 2
crouch forward
heavy scissors

i like doing these loops to really get the execution down


I practice my combos like Juicebox Abel does - do a combo 30 times in a row without messing up. If you do mess up, start over from 0. Might seem hard at first, but you can always start at 10 times in a row and work your way up.

Best combos to practice imo would be -

1.) cr. short x 3 xx SK
2.) st. short x2 -> st. RH (if you haven’t learned this one yet, DO IT NOW)
3.) cr. jab -> st. short -> cr. forward xx RH SK

And then you can move on more match-up specific things, punishment options, frame traps, option selects, etc.

Outside of training your execution, train your in-game mentality. When you play against someone, try to identify how you should you be playing against them, and take note of patterns and tendencies. Adapt to their playstyle. Don’t let yourself play on autopilot every match, because you’ll just severely stunt your growth as a player.

If possible, watch your replays and try to identify what you did wrong and how you can improve upon that weakness. If you don’t know how to deal with a particular situation, try to recreate it in training mode and experiment. Sometimes the answer is simply blocking or walking forward, or perhaps the situation calls for a risky option select.


Thanks guys. Gonna get into it.

Also it would be good if you can set training mode up like trail mode but with custom combos.


what is bison’s best block string? are his combos suppose to be done fast?


the link for his cLK is tough for a lot of people to land consistently. Plinking will save you (though some people swear by double tapping). I just kinda have the timing down, I USUALLY fuck it up on the last cLK, or mess up the sk (dunno how/why I do this…just messing up the charge or the forward or something).

My personal favourite combo is cLP, cLP, cLP, cLK, MK SK. VERY easy to land, lots of room for tinkering with it (cLP, sLP, then either tick throw, or cMK into SK, or toss out a HS, or whatever). And I can land it quite often after a FADC.

As for practice techniques, I also recommend training how fast you come out of PC into corners. Knockdown into a corner, crossup PC into the corner, and cLK the moment you come out of the animation. DAMN good corner strategy, baby :slight_smile:

And obviously, just SK loop ad nauseum.


Is there such thing as a true block string? I thought everything could be SRK’d after the second blocked grounded hit…


there are plenty of true block strings. unfortunately due to extremely low block stun on a lot of normals that would be combos on hit, the block strings have frame holes all over the place.


I time out computers… they don’t have feelings… im hoping when i do the same to a person offline when needed i won’t regret it…


I like randomizing CH so when you land a CH st.hp you follow with into sk if not don’t press any buttons. I follow the 30 rule also.


True block strings = chainable normals like Bisons crouching jab for instance.

I believe in theory you cannot SRK out this if the string is air tight.


There are very few in this game because of the low blockstun, but they exist.


…All of these combos are horrible. They’re not varied enough lol.


cr. :lk: cr. :lk: cr. :lk: xx :lk: Scissor kick

cr. :lp: s. :lp: cr. :mk: xx :lk: SK

Close s. :hp: cr. :lk: xx :lk: SK

cr. :mp: cr. :mk: xx :lk: SK (Tough Link, but gives you godlike spacing)

Non-Charge combos:

s. :lk: s. :lk: s. :lk: s. :hk:

s. :lp: cr. :mp: s. :hk: (does 200 damage, great punish combo if you have no normals.)

cr. :mp: s. :mk: / :hk: (decide on what range you want)


j. :mp: > (You land, they’re still in juggle state) > cr. :mp: (delay slightly so it crosses up) > :lp: Psycho-Crusher

j. :mp: > s. :hp: (if you’re in the corner)


cr. :lk s. :hp: cr. :lk: xx LK SK (beats delayed crouch techers)

cr. :lk s. :hk: (beats throws and jump back)

Should be enough of the basics.

General tips:

Get used to knowing the EXACT range of each Psycho crusher. When you can space them so just the absolutely VERY tip of hits, bison gets free offence since it’s not punishable (because of meaty).

Use Ultra I far more often. It has a 12-frame startup and can punish whiffed SRK’s/flash-kicks–not to mention it makes for a nice anti-air for people who like jumping in on you if you’re not feeling confident in the j. :mp: x 2 > Ultra.
(if you’re a vortex happy akuma it’ll stop his air-fireball jump in nonsense. Psycho punisher helps with runaways though)

Be able to do a cross up psycho-crusher after a scissor kick combo. Allows you scare them into dashing if they see purple on wake up :stuck_out_tongue:

s. :mk: and s. :hk: are god-like. ABUSE THEM OFTEN.

The only time you should use cr. jabs is for tick throws and cross up mk combos. These jabs are awful and don’t do anything to help your spacing (not to mention they’re a 4-frame startup)
(that and spam these during the blanka matchup. They stuff blanka balls)


This combo doesn’t work because s.lp doesn’t combo from You probably meant to start off with cr.jab, but then you said:



It’s possible he meant cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mk xx scissors, but that’s such a garbage combo.
Not only are you doing 2 one frame links, but you cancel it into lk scissors after the cr. mk? If you’re gonna do it, might as well do it big with HK scissors or HP PC.


as far as training goes, don’t neglect learning which anti-airs work for which characters and which distances, trust it is worth the time to explore, also practice whiff punishing, slide is a great move if you know when to use it


whoops, hit the wrong key.

Corrected now.


Does bison have a true block string that ends in scissors?


cr.lp, cl.lp, xx lk scissors. must be linked (not chain canceled) from cl.lp. 2-frame link.

cr.lp, cl.lp, xx lk scissors. same as above, but now 1-frame. spacing is also less lenient.

cr.lp,, xx lk scissors. must be chained from cr.lp, 1-frame link from to

You can start off with cl.lp instead of cr.lp in any of the above sequences. You can cut off the initial jab and just do, xx lk scissors, or if your opponent has wide hitboxes, you can tack on another jab in the beginning.