Bison Video Thread - Purple Fist of Death (ver. 2.1)



You destroyed him at the 2:15 mark


Are… Are… Are… y… you… Me? We sound exactly the same bro! PogChamp


Hi guys, i’m back. I just played my first tournament since USF4.
In this tournament, there were Luffy (Evo champ), Cuongster, Will2pac.
I have a lot of trouble with offline timing because it was my first offline event since 8 month so, dont kick me for that ^^

EFT14AE - Winner USF4 - Meltdown Luffy (Rose) VS Gagapa (Dictateur)

EFT14AE - Finale Winner USF4 - CDV.MCZ Cuongster (Yun) VS Gagapa (Dictateur)

EFT14AE - Grande Finale Looser USF4 - Gagapa (Dictateur) VS Meltdown Luffy (Rose)

EFT14AE - Grande Finale Winner USF4 - Gagapa (Dictateur) VS CDV.MCZ Cuongster (Yun)


Good shit Gagapa, I saw the result but was waiting on the replays. Watching the shit out of them after work.


French Qualification for the Street Fighter Europa League
Only one spot still, Evo champ already qualified
4 players: Cuongster, Valmaster, Will2pac and me.

Gagapa Vs Valmaster:

One of my worst matchup, i think if i only played bison, maybe i could have 4 or 5 matchs but definitively never won ^^

Gagapa Vs Cuongster:

I studied last video to understand the matchup



Hey Gagapa … I am very happy seeing you back in the scene !!! God job … didn’t you also attend DH last weekend ? Good to see the best EU Bison back on board … XD


I was in DH, i m 9th. I lost against Gamerbee (Elena) 2-0 and against Andreas ( Rufus ) 2-1.
Both was on the stream.
I beat Phenom 2 0 in bison miror but i was very sad because its my bison brother.

On freeplay, i lost 4 - 2 against Itabashi zangief with a very funny Draw Game.
I take 3-3 against Fuudo.
I played MBR (Gouki) in monay match and won 5-0.
To finish, i beat Pro Fluke (Fuerte) 4-1 but we cant finish our ft5 because of the end of the event.

So, after this event, i think:
-i have to train Elena mu: i block most of ex but failed the timing to punish. I have to create a strategy because it was the first time that play against Elena. I think its a bad mu for bison but i need to find some tools.
-i lost again against a Rufus. I play better than before in this mu, but i failed my ultra punish on ex messiah and try too many times ex head press and be punished. I think, next time i will play better against him.

Btw, i played only 3 times on the stream and lost 2 so you cant see my gameplan against other char, sorry for that because all of my other match was 2 0 for me.

I m very happy to being back and this week i will continue the French Europa League Qualification against Will2pac.


Speaking of Elena, I don’t know if it belongs here but it’s a video so here goes nothing


Well … than good luck for this … there are not many high level Bisons around in USF4 … time for you the conquer the “Best Bison in the World” throne … XD


Casual match Vs itabashi zang (miss 2 matches):

And Last ft10 for Kakutop league french qualification (Europa league ):
Gagapa Vs Will2pac:


Made this Bison Red Focus combo video last night. I don’t main him so sorry if I missed anything glaringly obvious.


I uploaded a little BnB guide for Bison beginners.


Most recent Neurosis gameplay.


hey fellow bisons, cool thread.


heres my combo vid muhahaha


why combo fiend make this disaster with Bison teleport . teleport now is useles


I can’t fucking believe this.


The teleport nerf still feels a bit strange to me. It was still not incredibly safe and I rarely ever saw bison players use it, let alone abuse it.


Thanks for playing & good games @ gagapa


Hit me up faggot. This is Tortur3… 646-591-2313